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What you’ve given me

Blessings and much gratitude to those of you who responded to the survey I published last month. Your feedback has been most helpful and will help direct offerings and how we move forward in 2021 and beyond.

If you didn’t get a chance to complete the survey, you can always reach out to us at customercareangel@angelsteach.com or by replying to any of our emails. While the survey is now closed, I am always open to and love hearing what you have to share.

So…what was the feedback you gave? Survey says…

  1. I was blown away by this one and oh-so-happy to see that on a scale of 1-10, over 74% believe the angels can help them. Over 89% rated 8 or above on how strongly you believe the angels can help. Cheers to your faith in angels! 😇
  2. Why folks first came to AngelsTeach…mostly to learn angel communication, but also wanting more angel influences and community in their lives.
  3. An overwhelming 68% (this surprised me…sort of) want on-demand virtual training with some level of live support. 18% wand on-demand with no support and the remaining 14% want live-only training.
  4. As for what training topics you’re looking for…
    • The top 3 were:
      • Harnessing gifts from past lives
      • Ancestral healing (so much energy supporting this right now)
      • How to pray and be heard by the angels
    • Following those 3 were:
      • Protection
      • Tarot
      • Abundance
    • Some suggested topics were Writing and EFT/Tapping
  5. What do folks like most about AngelsTeach? Many wonderful and heartwarming sentiments were shared…the genuine care and connection, love, kindness, compassion, community, sincerity, the variety of offerings, a different perspective, a smaller and more intimate community, feeling of family, real life messages, life changing classes, gentle accountability. And yes, I got all happy teary as I read this feedback as this has all been my intention and I’m so glad that so many of you are feeling it. I get not all of you – and I’ll share more on that in a moment – but overwhelmingly, I felt the “you’re doing a good job” message. Thank you.
  6. Over 83% are on Facebook.
  7. Over 84% prioritze like-minded community.
  8. As for how much you pray/meditate… 43% pray all the time and 41% pray frequently. Awesome, by the way! Loved seeing this.
  9. Things you’d like to see changed. I always ask this question, because while it’s always a boost to read adoring messages, it’s also essential to look at those areas where I need to be doing better.
    • Consistency was the one that hit home most. Two factors here…family things were intense from 2012 until the beginning of 2020. And then that affected my health. Thankfully on the other side of all that now AND I’m getting more help with admin and other teacher support. So yes, I thank the few of you that pointed this out. I hear you and I am dedicated to being more consistent moving forward.
    • Community – while we had many positive words shared on the topic of community, there are also some things we will be doing more of to help build community both in the public arena and also within our Living with the Angels membership.
    • Calendar (ha! just realized “the 3 C’s: consistency, community and calendar – lol!) – there are often things going on under the AngelsTeach umbrella that people don’t know they’re happening. We do whatwe can to alert via email notifications and on Facebook, but in this noisy world, sometimes those things get lost. I will be looking into a public calendar option as well as looking at how our current channels can be improved.
    • Other requests were more of the Prayer and Tapping events, more Human Design, more meditation and more on the specifics around the angels themselves.
    • One person did comment that they felt I’ve gotten away from the topic of angels and I appreciate that they shared this. I can see why they feel that way and I’ll be explaining more on that in upcoming emails.
  10. What like best in my weekly messages (this is for the Saturday public messages as I also write weekly for the membership. I was not surprised to see the enthusiasm for the Video Messages from the Angels. I’m so glad you like them! They’re fun to create. You also shared appreciation for the more spiritual growth oriented content. What did surprise me a little was the interest in my channeled messages from angels and other benevolent beings. I’ve long known this is one of my gifts, but I’d underestimated how much you all enjoy them. Going forward, I’ll be sharing one every month! Archangel Michael has already given me one for next week 😉
  11. Where do you call home?
    • 72% from the US
    • 14% from Canada
    • 10% Europe
    • Rest from Australia, Central America and Africa
  12. Most of you (59%) have been following AngelsTeach and my work for over 3 years – thank you for your loyalty! 33% have been following between 1-3 years and just under 9% are newbies – welcome again!
  13. Concerns for the future – this is a biggie. Some of you replied with more global concerns and some with more personal challenges. Themes included financial stress, impending change, climate crisis, vaccine worries, strained faith in self and in humanity, our children’s future and doubt around how one person can have an impact. Some folks are feeling a focus on surviving versus thriving.

With all this said, what will change going forward? I’m still working on the plan, but a few things I know for sure for the foreseeable future:

  • I will be sharing channeled messages monthly
  • My focus will be more on the on-demand training with live sessions for Q&A and support. The topics you’vehighlighted are wonderful insight into what I’ll do next…still working on which one first 😉
  • We’ll be continuing to organize and better communicate what’s going on
  • There’s more around community building

Again, much is still in the works and unfolding.

Thank you for your continued support and I pray your new year is off to a sparkling, angelic start!

Until next time…

With love,

xo Elvia


Photo cred: Courtney Hedger on Unsplash

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