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What if…

Beloved earth angels,

I had this notion the other day and it flipped my world.

For the video version of this message, click on the image below…and get ready to see me in my yoga wear 😉


What if… everyone is already following their guidance? Right now. In this moment.

What if… instead of assuming that we’ve screwed it all up, we’ve got it all right? That we’ve actually nailed it?

What if… all the headlines that make us twitch and squirm, are actually representing events that are in the highest good?

What if… this IS perfect?

What then?

A lot of questions. Welcome to my inner world. My mother always said I ask too many questions.


Here’s the beauty of going down this rabbit hole. It showed me how many times I see people (myself included at times) judging themselves and the world from a fearful angle, assuming something is wrong.

I didn’t do it well enough.

He didn’t do what he was supposed to do.

Humanity is falling to pieces.

When will we finally BE there? (Be where? one might ask.)

If we could approach life from the “I know I’m doing everything aligned and right by my angels AND I trust everyone else is too” rather than “I know I’m doing it right only sometimes and I don’t know about anyone else…the world view is horrible, so I guess most of them are messing up too.” What a difference in the energy we put out!

Remember, what we put out, is what we get back. So….

Even when everything out there looks like a mess, the invitation is to start to allow the perfection of it all. Not because the violence and atrocities are perfect, but because they won’t go away until we stop seeing them…and giving them our attention and energy.

This week, I invite you to recite these words aloud and see how they resonate in the core of your body and inner being, “I know I’m doing everything aligned and right by my angels AND I trust everyone else is too.” Doesn’t that feel goooood?!



Until next time…

xo Elvia

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