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[Video] What’s in store for this year? Messages from the Angels for 2019

Well the angels have certainly been chatty about 2019, dear [First Name]! With all that’s going on in the world, they want us to remember that they are there always to support us and give us what we need to transcend the drama and move into a more consistent experience of joy.

Our Messages with the Angels this month is a special one with guidance about all of 2019. I’ve used a Wheel of the Year spread with a card for each of the 12 months, plus one for each season.

2019, in a word, is about Transformation. (Capital “T” intentional)

There will be change.

There will be healing.

And there will be plenty of reasons to celebrate and be inspired.

This is super exciting as we observe the shifts we’ve been praying for, come to pass. Transformation is not always linear and not always smooth, but it is important as we intend to create a world of compassion and grace, guided by love.

The keynotes that came forward for each of the 4 seasons are:

  • Comtemplating intentions
  • Fierce mindfulness
  • Purification
  • Redemption

All under the umbrella of Transformation.

This video is longer than usual and is about 40 minutes. I suggest you either side aside the time to watch in full (I love to listen to videos while driving or cooking or folding laundry) and/or fast forward to the month(s) that may carry a more immediate message for you. I also suggest you bookmark or save the video as it will be relevant for the entirety of the year.

So let’s do this, sweet earth angel [First Name]!

Click HERE to watch or on the image below…

If you enjoy what you experience, please “like” the video and share with your angel loving friends. Also, I love to hear from you, so as you have any comments and/or questions do chime in within the comments under the video on YouTube.

Until next time…
Enjoy your day with the angels!

xo Elvia

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