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[Video reading] February Messages from the Angels

Hello dear earth angels!

In the Wheel of the Year reading I posted in January, what came through for this first quarter of 2019 is a theme of contemplating intentions. This all happened before Doreen Virtue’s A-Z list was published. It seems that a new level of transformation is upon us and we are being called to go deeper into the reasons why we do what we do – whatever it is that we do, in any situation.

The angels, Source, is always leading us along our aligned path, a path that’s about personal truth and faith in divine order. Of course healing opportunities often arise as we do this, so we are being called to deal with some pretty deep stuff (or shit as I’d really like to say).

We are being given an opportunity to step forward and stand on our own.

No hiding allowed.

No hiding behind our roles as mother, daughter, sister, wife, or father, son, brother, husband.

No hiding behind teachers, gurus, doctrine or any authority that we’ve given our power away to. It’s one thing to seek counsel, spiritual or otherwise, and it’s something different entirely to allow this outside counsel to override or interrupt what we know to be true in our hearts.

We are being called back to Love. With a capital “L”. Love that has no strings attached, is pure and looking to express Itself through all beings.

This is the backdrop for our Messages from the Angels this month. As I write, I haven’t channeled the messages yet, so it will be interesting to see how they relate. 😉


So, what will it be for you today, sweet ones? The book, the card deck or the photo?

Click on the image below and find out now 🙂


If you enjoy what you experience, please “like” the video and share with your angel loving friends. Also, I love to hear from you, so as you have any comments and/or questions do chime in within the comments under the video on YouTube.

Until next time…
Enjoy your day with the angels!

xo Elvia

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