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[Video] Messages from the Angels – September 2020

Hello dear ones!

Wow, it’s almost fall already – how time does fly! (Or does it?…have you found that our relationship with time is changing with all that’s going on this year?)

Below the video, I have shared a post I made on Facebook this past week. It was well received, so I’m sharing with you today should you be inspired to read it. It’s about how challenging it is to be a Lightworker right now.


But first, on with the messages from our angels!

Once again I was inspired by 3 objects. This month’s are related to our recent painting event. Here are their messages for YOU!

Please click on the image below to enjoy

If you enjoy what you experience, please “like” the video and share with your angel loving friends. Also, I love to hear from you, so as you have any comments and/or questions do chime in on the blog, by email or within the comments under the video on YouTube.


From my Facebook Timeline on the challenges of being a Lightworker…

Please know that I share this with so much love, blessings for all and good intention. I just can’t hold this in anymore…

It’s really hard to be a Lightworker right now. And what I mean by Lightworker, is someone who feels a deep mission to make the world a better place by being the unwavering expression of Love. (Keyword: unwavering)

It’s REALLY hard.

There are SO many reasons and opportunities to disagree, which creates fertile ground for judgment that has resulted in a culture of chaos and disharmony.

I believe MOST of us want the same outcome – a world that feels safe, sustainable and is an inspiring place not just for our children, but for generations to come.

What that looks like and how we get there, is where the division begins.

I believe that we Lightworkers – those here to BE the LOVE – are being called to step it up a notch, to fight the good fight by encouraging and creating opportunities for healthy dialogue with people of differing views. I realize this is a stretch and is unreachable in many circumstances, but we have to at least start. I

t can’t happen if we Lightworkers – those here to BE the LOVE – come off as righteous and decide that because we’ve been “doing the work”, we’re right and “they’re” wrong.

What if…no one is right AND no one is wrong.

I admittedly have strong opinions about social justice and politics, in general. But that doesn’t mean that I’m right and those with different views are wrong.

My ego wants to say, “but they are [wrong]!”

And a part of me would love to indulge in that, but here’s why I work really hard not to do that…it’s not the path to peace and a better world.

Judgment and hatred only creates more judgment and hatred.

To BE the Lightworker, I believe we are called to always be the Love, the Light. We can’t be choosing when, who and how we show up this way. We’re either speaking Love, or not.

When we shit on other people – for any reason – we are out of alignment with Love.

This does NOT mean that we shouldn’t have strong opinions, stand up for what we believe and speak out when we are guided to hold our ground – we should!

It simply means that we should strive to UNWAVERINGLY be fostering constructive, respectful communication and listening to others who think and believe differently. Or at least creating the space for when the opportunity is there.

Love, respect and compassion creates more love, respect and compassion.

Being a Lightworker is REALLY hard right now. At least it has been for me.

It’s a full time job to stay grounded in UNWAVERING Love and Light.

You feel me?

Thank you for reading. My intention here is to share something that’s been swirling faster and more forcefully in my heart.

I would love to hear what’s in yours 💖

xo Elvia

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