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[Video] May Messages from the Angels

May time blessings, dear ones!

Messages from the angels aren’t always clear to us human folk. Sometimes all we need to do is wait for the other pieces of the puzzle to fill in. And sometimes we need more than one tool to help us gain the full clarity we seek.

In this month’s Video Messages from the Angels, I was guided to use both a fav book + deck of cards with a very strong Divine Feminine flavor to demonstrate one of the many, many ways to receive messages from the angels.


Since the beginning of 2019, I’ve been feeling that May is going to be a bit “tumultuous” for many as the world continues to shake us free of energies holding us back. While this feels like a fairly short term “bump”, I know any challenging times are always easier when we feel our angels close.

Please know…my intention is to ground peace and relieve anxiety. I share this message about the rumblings I’m feeling not to instill fear, but rather as encouragement for you to stay close to your true heart. The Truth is, we need change, so ultimately this is a good thing.


As we embody faith, we create faith. As we embody peace, we create peace. As we embody love, we create love.


Click on the image below and enjoy: May Video Messages from the Angels

If you enjoy what you experience, please “like” the video and share with your angel loving friends. Also, I love to hear from you, so as you have any comments and/or questions do chime in on the blog, by email or within the comments under the video on YouTube.

Until next time…
Enjoy your day with the angels!

xo Elvia

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