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[Video] Messages from the Angels – August 2020

Welcome to August, dear ones!
I pray the growing (almost full) moon finds you well, feeling an abundance of blessings and that your angels are all present and accounted for.
It can be hard to experience this sometimes…the presence of the angels, abundance, wellness. I get it.
In response, I’ve written a Prayer to the Archangel Michael Within that came to me as I contemplated the struggle to feel strength within right now. May the words go within you, wherever they are needed most.
You’ll find the prayer below the video link.


Now, on with the messages from our angels!
I was inspired by 3 objects/events this past week – one from our yard and two in the house. While I’ve been out and about a little bit, like many I’m spending lots more time at home.
Here are their messages for YOU!

Please click on the image below to enjoy

If you enjoy what you experience, please “like” the video and share with your angel loving friends. Also, I love to hear from you, so as you have any comments and/or questions do chime in on the blog, by email or within the comments under the video on YouTube.


Prayer to the Archangel Michael Within

Beloved warrior,
I feel you rising within me, giving strength to my voice of truth through love.
Please help me to accept that truth begins and ends with me… and my relationship to you, to Source.
Use your mighty sword to cut through the illusion that truth is something that I can find outside my being.
Support me. Love me. Fuel me with divine passion.
Let me be the clarity of light, love and grace that I know I am here to be.
And so it is.

May you always feel the strength and love of your angels.

xo Elvia

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