Four month “Alchemy with the Angels”
Small Group Coaching Intensive

Transform your life...with the angels.

Alchemy: create powerful, positive & lasting change.

Water into wine. Straw into gold. Life challenges into shining opportunities.

It’s really that simple. Profound life shifts happen within our elite, small group coaching.
They just do. We pour our love over you, supporting you, fortifying your energy to create the space for you to get clear on what needs to change…and then make it happen.

That’s the outcome when you invite the angels to permeate every area of your life and work closely with Elvia and Peter.

In this 4 month intensive, we roll up our sleeves and lead the way as you forge a deep and lasting relationship with the angels as you align with who you really are and what you’re ultimately here to do.

You’ll discover:

  • better decision making
  • a more expansive understanding of yourself and your true gifts
  • greater joy and confidence with your connection to Source

And because alchemy = change = healing… we will guide you through the challenges you just can’t seem to shift. And we will do it with so much love!

Why group work? We understand that working in a group can feel intimidating. Maybe you’re not sure you want to open up to others. And maybe private session work is a better option for you. But here’s the thing…time after time, we’ve witnessed the magic of group healing. Reason being that another person’s challenge can get at some area of needed healing you didn’t even know was there. (The results are often exponential.)

As we work together, you’ll heal and all those in your life will feel the effects.

You’ll learn how to be one with your guidance and follow the angels’ wisdom more closely. With each moment of self-love and self-realization, you’ll know what you came here to do.

You’ll walk away feeling deeply connected to who you really are. You’ll know what it means to feel whole.

Our core focus in this coaching is to help you leverage your God-given strengths and clear the blocks to feeling a profound connection with the angels so you know how to go out into the world and be you. We’ll guide you through the discovery of what YOUR relationship with the angels is meant to be.

We’ll use Tapping, also known as EFT® (Emotional Freedom Techniques®), Human Design, prayer, intimate conversation in a safe space with a good dose of angel card reading.

You will learn a process that will carry you through life.

Course Overview


Each month, you’ll be part of three 90-minute small group coaching calls, one 30-minute private session with Elvia, one 30-minute private session about your Human Design with Peter Roe.

During the 90-minute calls…

  • we start with intention setting. What is it in your life that you’d like to shift? We’ll help you make sure your intentions are aligned with your angels’ priorities. (It can be hard to see the divine order of things when emotions get in the way – why we’re here to help!)
  • each session, we check in to see how you’re doing with your goals and then we do EFT to clear away whatever blockages may be in the way of your progress
  • homework…yup, you have to change your world outside of our sessions, so we’ll give you guided homework to support you.

You will receive an Accountability Moment 3 days/week. This can include a prayer, EFT exercise, card pick or other inspirational message to help you stay aligned with your work. We will have a private Facebook group, where you can easily reach out for support and/or connect with others in your coaching session.

Groups are limited to 6 participants.


Elvia Roe
Peter Roe

Alchemy with the Angels small group coaching is modeled after our Angelic Life Coach® certification training with a few additions and delivered in a coaching-only format. What we learned after delivering the powerful training over the course of the past 9 years is that what happens over and over is…people heal. They work through their “stuff” and come out the other side having developed a profound relationship with their angels.

THIS is the core of what our small group coaching is about – you healing so your experience with the angels is unhindered and flowing freely. Why? So decision making feels effortless and your life feels purposeful as it tickles your soul and you gain insight into your destiny.

So we’ve done a little restructuring to amp up some aspects and hone in on the coaching aspect.

The result…what we believe to be a powerful dose of Vitamin Angels!

We’ll be using EFT®, Human Design, focused prayer, LOTS of angel communication and plenty of LOVE to help you stretch, heal and grow more completely into that magnificent being you are here to be.

This is us. This is AngelsTeach unplugged. While the testimonials below are from the Angelic Life Coach® training, the experience will be much the same regarding self-discovery and that deep connection with Spirit and the angels.

Because this is a new version of what we do, we have no direct feedback for you, because no one has done it before. That said, if you would like to speak with a past student to ask some questions and hear their take on this, please let us know. We’re happy to connect you.


March 2020

Included Materials:

You’ll receive your personalized Human Design report


This level of coaching is available by application only. Please email us at to apply.

Please note that live attendance is required. We understand time zone and scheduling dances, so do our best to schedule at times that accommodate everyone. If it happens that you not able to attend a session or two or need to relisten to any part, they are recorded for your convenience.



Optional Payment Plan

$297 non-refundable deposit followed by 3 monthly payments of $544. Please note that this is an initial offer, so while we are experts in coaching, this package is a newbie. Which means…pricing etc are expected to go up after we rock the world with our first round of clients. 🙂


"yes, I'm all in with my angels!"