angel communication Eight Week Live Training

8 weeks.
Our signature training. Live by video conference. Everything angels.

Registration for the Spring 2018 session is now closed.

Connection, Guidance and Community.

you want angels.

You want to know how your angels can help you.

You want to know if you’re on the “right” path.

You want live classes where we can answer your questions immediately and show you the tools for decision making that will transform your life.

Over the course of 8 weeks, we’ll talk about everything angels. We’ll show you how to see, hear, feel and know the messages from your angels. We’ll teach you the basics for angel card readings – you’ll have tools you know…and trust.

We’ll share experiences to inspire and demonstrate ways the angels can help YOU – not just in those “OMG, I need angels now!” crises (we all have those!) – but also with the simple, mundane and moment-to-moment choices we’re faced with in everyday life.

Can your angels help you plan a healthy menu, show you the healthiest BBQ sauce to buy, or find the perfect book/page/passage for immediate inspiration? Yes, they can!

Can your angels help you navigate a difficult situation with a loved one, guide you to the discovery of your best career path, or mend your healing heart? Indeed, yes!

Are your angels available 24/7 to guide you through anything and everything? Absolutely! Think of them as trusted allies with infinite wisdom.

You just have to learn how to listen…and trust the messages you receive.

We’d love to help you with that!

Course Overview


This training consists of 8 live 60-75 minute weekly classes.

All classes are recorded for your convenience. If you won’t be able to join us live and ask questions during class, we’ve got you covered! You will have the option to submit questions ahead of time for us to answer in class (and then you can hear the answer on the recording!)

A beautifully designed student training manual with rich content, exercises and journaling space will assist you as you grow and evolve your relationship with the angels.


Elvia Roe
Marianne Chandler
Deborah Hodiak-Knox
Rachel Maskell
Jamie Streett

“Because Life is in you, then the Truth is in you, and the Spirit is in you, and Power is in you.”
-Ernest Holmes

Topics covered include:

  • Who are the angels
  • What is angel communication
  • How angel communication works
  • The Primary Clairsenses and how they show up uniquely for you
    • Clairvoyance
    • Clairaudience
    • Clairsentience
    • Claircognizance
  • All the how-to’s of reading angel cards
    • Intention setting
    • Interpreting the cards
    • Card spreads
    • Readings for other people
  • Nurturing your relationship with the angels
    • Daily Spiritual Practice
    • Building trust
    • Health & Healing
  • Exercises to practice what you learn and hear the messages deeply



We’ll be hosting both a welcome intention setting circle before training begins and a special angel reading circle at the end of this session – just for you!


There is nothing scheduled at this time for this class. You CAN however, enroll in this training to gain access to the classes that were recorded last session + all the goodies that were included at the time.

And remember – once enrolled, always enrolled! Should you need a refresher or simply want to hang out with us, you are welcome to join future sessions of this training – we love to connect with our alums! (Note: materials aren’t included with retakes.)

Included Materials:

Materials are NOT included at this level & can be purchased for an additional $50 to include our Student Training Manual with room for journaling + Angel Inspiration Deck by Kim Dreyer


There is nothing scheduled at this time for this class. You CAN however, enroll in this training to gain access to the classes that were recorded last session + all the goodies that were included at the time.

Questions? Please email us 🙂



Optional Payment Plan

Two monthly payments of $55


“Before AngelsTeach, I was clueless! I signed up for the “Angel” emails and was blown away. My life took a deeply spiritual turn and I’ve never looked back. I’ve found everyone at AngelsTeach very loving, understanding, compassionate and without judgement and slowly I was able to trust my own guidance. They set such great examples of following and trusting guidance, that it inspired me to do the same.


“Life is so much more rich with meaning and knowing my angels are with me as well as seeing and feeling them is so incredible. I think the core value I’ve learned is that I’m surrounded by a loving support team 24/7 that has my back has transformed my life. I know I’m never alone to face life’s challenges and celebrate victories. God loves us so much and I now know that guidance is available at all times and I am worthy and perfect in “his eyes.”


“My awakening began at AngelsTeach. I feel like it is important to have a good foundation at that time and I have one due to Elvia Roe and all the wonderful teachers and members of AngelsTeach and Living with the Angels group. I’ve taken nearly all classes offered over the last 8 years. Also, it means so much to me that several times I was going through some tough times and some of the life changing kind and Elvia and others at LWTA personally reached out to me. It’s not just a place that teaches great classes but a community of wonderful people that truly care for one another from the top down. I can’t say enough good things about Angels Teach! If you are looking for a spiritual home, this is where you want to be.❤️”

Chris Collier Mahfouz, Mississippi

“I took the Angels Communication course a year ago. I enjoyed the course very much and even though I had been already communicating with my Angels from over 20 years, I learned something new. The main reason I took the course is because I wanted to build more trust in my own intuition and ability to communicate with my Angels team. Sharing my own insights during the class helped me to have more confidence in my intuition. I loved the loving and supportive space that all teachers and students created that unable each of us to express our unique way of receiving messages from the Angels. I enjoyed having the experience of the different teaching styles of the teachers. After the course I joined the Living with the Angels community and I am forever grateful for having found such a loving and supportive spiritual family; where no matter what is going on with me I am unconditionally loved, accepted, encouraged, and supported.


“I have gained more confidence in my intuition with the reading partner program. I feel freer sharing my light with the Living with the Angels Community. I feel less spiritually alone and comforted knowing I have a loving, caring, and supportive spiritual family.


“The only thing left to say is… Thank you, thank you, thank you AngelsTeach.”

Marisa Segovia, San Juan Bautista, CA

“When I took this course I learned so much about me that I could not have learned otherwise. Participating in the phone calls and doing the activities broadened my knowledge about the spiritual world and me as a human being.”

Sandra from Thousand Oaks, CA

“AngelsTeach brought me into a closer relationship with my angels. It showed me ways to heighten my clairsenses and connect to my angelic friends. I truly am the instrument and my angels are the musicians. The music we make together is beautiful, caring and life changing. This class changed me positively as a person and touched me in a spiritual way. I highly recommend Elvia and the AngelsTeach staff to anyone looking for a chance to deepen their connection with the angels!“

Jillian from Connecticut

“First off I have to say it was one of the most intriguing experiences I’ve ever had. This class had opened me up to so much beauty that I’ve dreamt of experiencing but never understood. It has helped me to not only connect more with my spirituality but to understand why I experience the “strange” things that I do from day to day. I’ve also learned to love and embrace my God-given talents and know that there are others like me. I’ve learned that I do have power and I can embrace it without fear. It’s great that you offer these classes as teleclasses to help accommodate people’s busy lifestyles. Also, it gives people the opportunity to learn to love others from a distance. I never understood the concept that I am connected to others until I took this class and bonded with the other wonderful ladies. As we performed readings for each other, I could actually feel my connection to them.”

I also think your payment plan is great as it enables everyone to enhance in spiritual growth. Also, the teachers make you feel empowered, respected and safe. I’d certainly recommend your classes to anyone as I think it’s a great opportunity to better oneself. Thank you so much, Elvia for such a great opportunity.”

Shelly, Burlington Massachusetts

“This course really helped me by providing wonderful tools to utilize to be more connected with what is important to me and loved ones around me. It provided a very solid groundwork on how to help others in their journeys by gently guiding them towards the joy already in their lives as well as to provide direction towards harmonizing what obstacles might be going on at the present time. The tools and lessons learned can be used for a lifetime for yourself, friends, family or even clients. This world would be much better place if everyone was able to take this course!”

Kristen, Massachusetts

“The growth I received with my intuitive senses has been astounding!”

Nanette from Nevada

“Both trainings as Beginner and Master gave me a lot of tips and profound roots for my relationship with the Angels. It was done in such a practical, easy way that simply are part of my daily living without even conscious effort to keep my relationship & knowing of their presence. It just happens in a very natural flow. Ok… you can say it publicly, 😉 I Love you Earth Angels Team & I’m grateful for all you do!”

Susana from Italy

“If you are like me, you have always believed that people are born with intuitive abilities but have never personally experienced it. After taking Elvia’s Angels Communication class, I have learned how to “connect” with the Angels! They are really there and they are waiting for us to talk with them, you simply need to learn how to do it. This class will teach you. It is an amazing thing to experience and I am so grateful to now have the Angels in my life.”

Barbara Rodgers, Philadelphia , PA

“Thank you, Elvia for everything… sharing your insights and wisdom, you nurturing and positive spirit, and the wonderful divine light you bring to those you touch. This class has been a wonderful experience for me, in so many ways. I am so grateful that my spirit leads me to AngelsTeach, and to experience this Angel Reading course. It allowed me to tap into that part of myself that has been dormant for so long… in a positive way, and especially… with a sense of protection from any negativity. I know my biggest obstacle has been protecting myself from the negativity I deal with daily…. and I truly feel empowered now. Much love, and Infinite blessings.”

Kim C., Massachusetts

“I found this AngelsTeach training curriculum to deliver all that it promised. I firmly believe we all have the ability to communicate with the angels and having participated in this class reassures me that we can. The folks at AngelsTeach are very supportive, caring, and very professional. If you want to experience communicating with the angels, the folks at AngelsTeach are the folks to work with.”

Nick, NH

“For every soul, lightworker or else this Angel Communication training is an eye-opener! Even if you think you are ‘there’, your Angels are delighted to get in touch with you more. I experienced emotional healing; aren’t we all looking for that! Absolutely recommended!”

Janine, The Netherlands

“Yes, I want angels!”