angelic life Coach®

Certification Training

Become the Life Coach and healer you are destined to be.

In this 6 month, 18-class live training, we roll up our sleeves to go deep into tools that you can use to facilitate mountain moving change for your clients. We’ll focus mainly on EFT (aka Tapping and Emotional Freedom Techniques) to open the floodgates for healing that will allow the angels’ guidance to flow clearly and easily.

You’ll graduate with certification that gives you confidence as you help others to work through life’s challenges.

Profound life shifts will happen for you as well within this elite, small group training. As you learn the tools, you’ll heal, learn and evolve into that place of peace with the angels. That’s the outcome when you invite the angels to permeate every area of your life. Most significantly, you’ll learn to recognize when the ego is in the drivers seat so you can put into motion your best strategy for surrender.

Back to your clients…as a professional – with each moment of self-love and self-realization they experience, you’ll know you’re doing what you came here to do.

You’ll impact the people in your life in brilliant ways you can’t even imagine.

You’ll walk away feeling deeply connected to who you really are…ready to inspire and empower others.

You’ll feel whole.

Course Overview


This training consists of 18 live classes over the course of 6 months.

Class size: 12 max (depending on the energy of the group enrolling, we may receive guidance to lower the class size).

Includes: Two 30-minute private coaching sessions with Elvia and two 30-minute private Human Design sessions with Peter.


Elvia Roe
Peter Roe

Class size:

12 max

Certification Requirements:

20 approved client sessions (15 are with fellow classmates, 5 are with outside clients) plus an essay answering 3 key experiential questions. As with the Angel Communication Masters™ Training, we will personally review your coaching summaries and provide constructive feedback so you can grow in confidence.


Angel Wings

high level course outline:

We start with a brief review of the basics.
From there…topics covered include:

  • EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques®
    • Introduction
    • How to use Tapping
    • When to use Tapping
    • Follow the true energy
    • Allow the full release
  • Anatomy of a Coaching Session
    • How to facilitate a successful coaching session
    • The 10 Coaching Ground Rules
    • Best Practices
  • Integrating Angel Communication
  • Using angel cards with EFT
  • Personal Growth for Success – because you have to take care of YOU!

Fall 2018


Angel Communication 8-Week Live Training
Angel Communication Masters™



Optional Payment Plan

Included Materials:

Student Manual