angelic life Coach®

Certification Training

Become the Life Coach and healer you are destined to be.

In this 6 month, 18-class live training, we roll up our sleeves to go deep into tools that you can use to facilitate mountain moving change for your clients. We’ll focus mainly on EFT (aka Tapping and Emotional Freedom Techniques) to open the floodgates for healing that will allow the angels’ guidance to flow clearly and easily.

You’ll graduate with certification that gives you confidence as you help others to work through life’s challenges.

Profound life shifts will happen for you as well within this elite, small group training. As you learn the tools, you’ll heal, learn and evolve into that place of peace with the angels. That’s the outcome when you invite the angels to permeate every area of your life. Most significantly, you’ll learn to recognize when the ego is in the drivers seat so you can put into motion your best strategy for surrender.

Back to your clients…as a professional – with each moment of self-love and self-realization they experience, you’ll know you’re doing what you came here to do.

You’ll impact the people in your life in brilliant ways you can’t even imagine.

You’ll walk away feeling deeply connected to who you really are…ready to inspire and empower others.

You’ll feel whole.

Course Overview


This training consists of 18 live classes over the course of 6 months.

Class size: 12 max (depending on the energy of the group enrolling, we may receive guidance to lower the class size).

Includes: Two 30-minute private coaching sessions with Elvia and two 30-minute private Human Design sessions with Peter.


Elvia Roe
Peter Roe

Class size:

12 max

Certification Requirements:

20 approved client sessions (15 are with fellow classmates, 5 are with outside clients) plus an essay answering 3 key experiential questions. As with the Angel Communication Masters™ Training, we will personally review your coaching summaries and provide constructive feedback so you can grow in confidence.


Angel Wings

high level course outline:

We start with a brief review of the basics.
From there…topics covered include:

  • EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques®
    • Introduction
    • How to use Tapping
    • When to use Tapping
    • Follow the true energy
    • Allow the full release
  • Anatomy of a Coaching Session
    • How to facilitate a successful coaching session
    • The 10 Coaching Ground Rules
    • Best Practices
  • Integrating Angel Communication
  • Using angel cards with EFT
  • Personal Growth for Success – because you have to take care of YOU!

Fall 2018


Angel Communication 8-Week Live Training
Angel Communication Masters™



Optional Payment Plan

Included Materials:

Student Manual

“Before AngelsTeach, I was clueless! I signed up for the “Angel” emails and was blown away. My life took a deeply spiritual turn and I’ve never looked back. I’ve found everyone at AngelsTeach very loving, understanding, compassionate and without judgement and slowly I was able to trust my own guidance. They set such great examples of following and trusting guidance, that it inspired me to do the same.


“Life is so much more rich with meaning and knowing my angels are with me as well as seeing and feeling them is so incredible. I think the core value I’ve learned is that I’m surrounded by a loving support team 24/7 that has my back has transformed my life. I know I’m never alone to face life’s challenges and celebrate victories. God loves us so much and I now know that guidance is available at all times and I am worthy and perfect in “his eyes.”


“My awakening began at AngelsTeach. I feel like it is important to have a good foundation at that time and I have one due to Elvia Roe and all the wonderful teachers and members of AngelsTeach and Living with the Angels group. I’ve taken nearly all classes offered over the last 8 years. Also, it means so much to me that several times I was going through some tough times and some of the life changing kind and Elvia and others at LWTA personally reached out to me. It’s not just a place that teaches great classes but a community of wonderful people that truly care for one another from the top down. I can’t say enough good things about Angels Teach! If you are looking for a spiritual home, this is where you want to be.❤️”

Chris Collier Mahfouz, Mississippi

“Through my journey with AngelsTeach I have become comfortable with incorporating the angels in my daily life and trusting my guidance. I’ve become aware of which of the senses are my primary source of connecting with my guidance. My sense of who I am as a person, my sense of ‘SELF’ has increased exponentially. I have learned to love myself and make myself a priority on the daily and through all of that feeling so much more connected to all that is…


“When I first came in contact with Angels Teach I was feeling lost, recently separated and living alone. Not knowing who I was and where I would go from there. I also ‘believed’ in angels but did not really know what to do with that, what that really meant or how to use that concept a daily and practical way. Now, the core value for me is LOVE and acceptance of myself. I discovered my passion for coaching people. I know I’m never alone and I know I’m loved unconditionally by God and the Angels.


“It has been wonderful to connect with people from all over the world who think the same way as I do. AngelsTeach has provided a safe and loving environment where you feel comfortable to share you most intimate and painful life experiences, AngelsTeach encourages you to be vulnerable and grow on a deep personal level.”



Judy McMahon, Framingham, MA

“AngelsTeach has opened up an entire new world for me! I’ve been a member and student with AngelsTeach since 2010, and to say this has been life-changing for me would be an understatement. I’ve learned so much about myself, gained confidence in following my intuition, discovered new topics I wanted to explore, and have discarded thoughts and behavior patterns that were holding me back. Through the classes and online social media, I’ve met authentic people who I now consider dear friends.


“Before working with AngelsTeach, I had a difficult time trusting my intuition. My outlook on life included lots of worry, fears, and I had a lack of self-confidence. I now have a much more optimistic outlook on life. When worries and fears creep up, I know how to handle them. I know for sure I am guided, protected, and loved at all times.


“I have a stronger sense of worth and self-confidence because I know I am loved and am enough. I know I am always receiving guidance; I can trust my own intuition when I take the time to tune in to this guidance. And I take life as it presents itself to me; fewer worries because I know everything always ends up working out for the best — which makes me excited for my future!”

Betty Jean, North Carolina

Participating in the Angelic Life Coaching program was such a profound experience… the only way to describe it is in two words: LIFE CHANGING.

Every aspect of the curriculum was engaging and completely resonated with me; it strengthened my heart and soul in ways I could have never imagined. Deep, personal healing took place, old, destructive habits were put to rest, and I even developed bonds with other students- friendships that will last a lifetime. My heart is still full and I smile big every time I talk about AngelsTeach and my experience with the coaching program. Give yourself the gift of “living with the angels”… it was the best decision of my life. I promise this program will not disappoint.

Vanessa Everett from Massachusetts

I have taken every class all the way through the Angelic Life Coach® training and cannot say enough about what this journey has given me and taught me. I continue to reflect back on the classes every time something amazing happens to me. I am in such a good place right now and it has all been because of my training with AngelsTeach. It was the beginning of my awareness into my life as it continues to evolve in more ways than I can express.

Amy Pierce from New Hampshire

“Since this training, my understanding and outlook at both the world outside and inside of me have changed dramatically. I started my journey with a desire to ‘become’ … more awoken, aware and connected on a deeper level to the Angels – I wanted to feel I had become more skilled and tooled up …to literally gain and have ‘more’ to offer as a service to the world.

But this journey has in itself changed everything as I realise now the journey wasn’t so much about ‘becoming’ anything. Maybe it was all about ‘un-becoming’ everything that wasn’t really me so I can be who I am here to be in the first place with Truth, Confidence, Identity and Authenticity.

I feel I have changed my concept of ‘becoming’ anything at all as I have unveiled to myself all that already resides within me. I now am aware of and understand my life blueprint, I now know who I am and am now connected to my truth  – knowing it, feeling it within each and every energy centre, (whether defined or not) every HD gate, every cell and breath I take.

It may sound dramatic but this course has changed my life, vibration and focus as I now feel in alignment with all that is. It was perfectly structured and paced for me to grasp and progress on a learning level but also on a spiritual level.”

Annette O’Donnell, Welwyn, UK

“On a personal level, becoming an Angelic Life Coach® has helped me become more confident in myself and better able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. Working with my clients to help them discover and release the blockages that prevent them from finding their true peace and harmony has had a powerful impact that goes beyond just the client. Just as the world benefits when we pay forward kindnesses, the world benefits when a client releases a blockage and becomes a healthier, happier, more confident member of society.”

Marianne Chandler from Swampscott, MA

“I cannot think of a better time to be enrolled in Elvia Roe’s Angelic Life Coach® program. Each week my heart is touched by the depth of love our angels have for us. As a result of this class, my abilities to sense the angels’ presence are growing at a rapid pace! It is amazing how friends are being drawn to me and in return, I am able to share a portion of this peacefulness in the midst of our crazy world. It is a life changing course!!”

Nancy from Virginia

“I am unable to express in words the feelings that I have gotten from taking all the AngelsTeach classes. There is so much support, love, guidance, and understanding without judgment. I have grown so much in this last year, and I have Elvia and (all her staff, teachers, and students). The connection that was created between all of us was fabulous. I can personally say that I hold such a deep love for each and every one of them. I feel that I have come home and that I have found my place to be ME. The deeper connection that I made with the angels is just amazing. I am forever grateful for being guided to Elvia and AngelsTeach. I am truly blessed. If you have been guided to her website, then that is where you need to start from.”

Nancy Sue Meyer from Washington

“My Soul needed more after the Master training and I knew I had to take this training. This training is so intensive, I developed so much Spiritually and the training on Coaching expanded my knowledge and confidence to help others.”

Nanette from Nevada

“I hope my words do justice to what you have provided to me since it has been life changing. Over the past year, I have learned how to trust, believe, and have faith and confidence! Discovering that it is not only ok to be myself, but embracing who I am has changed everything. My relationship with my husband and children has grown in closeness and understanding. As well, completing the Angelic Life Coach® training program has provided me with the insight to know with confidence the path that is ahead. Do I know how all the details of how? No, but what I do know is that I can trust it will happen and feel safe in this. Without having your support and the support of the AngelsTeach community, I truly believe I would not be where I am today. Thank you, Elvia, for everything.”

Margaret Rivera from Massachusetts

“Working with Elvia has changed my life. She’s not afraid to “go deep” and get to the root of an issue. Elvia embodies unconditional love, integrity and honesty. This is very evident in everything she does. The ongoing support she provides for her students is fantastic. Taking her training was the best investment I’ve ever made.”

Joseph, Alberta Canada

“I have now completed all the classes at AngelsTeach and am an Angelic Life Coach®. I definitely recommend any one who wants to learn about the Angels, grow as an individual, and who wants to expand their knowledge to take these classes. Elvia and the teachers are absolutely wonderful teachers who teach in a loving and safe environment. AngelsTeach is simply the best!!”

Michelle, UK

“The idea of working in some capacity with angels happened before I had met Elvia. I even had a website about angels with a chatroom. I met Elvia the same week I put up the site. At the time I had no job, no money and just a wish a to work with angels and offer angel card readings.” Talking to Elvia changed my life. I enrolled in the beginner class and within four weeks I found a job and I was able to pay for the class. The class was a wonderful experience. I then enrolled in the Angelic Life Coach® program and I learned that there is more to just an angel card reading. I learned how people can truly heal their life issues that are important to them. Elvia has such a good way helping the coach to find her niche and to find the tools to help in your Angelic Life Coach® program.

I have loved learning from Elvia and hearing her wisdom each week. It is truly amazing that when I made the commitment to work with the angels how situations and people have walked with me in my journey. God truly does provide and the angels help you to attain whatever it is you would like to do.

Let Elvia help you with your goals and see how the power of the angels do truly guide on your path. I am glad I have made this decision. Angel blessings!”

Peg, Peabody, MA

“Becoming a Certified Angelic Life Coach was an amazing experience. the classes were small and intimate and provided a safe place to use the skills we were taught to heal personal issues.”

Michelle from Massachusetts

“This unique journey began in 2012 with the beginner classes and continued through to the Angelic Life Coaching course. The teachers are courageous warriors who gave with a full heart while leading and guiding with their grace and a gentle strength that was and still is inspiring. Now a Minister of the Sacred Rose, to have received my training at AngelsTeach is a blessing. For the friendships created here, I am grateful.”

Lori Martin from Canada