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Certification Training
(Now with an audit-only option)

Create the life you came here to live.

What it means to be a Master

The core of this training is about you learning how to master your love-based intuition. When you are able to do this, you step into that space of alchemy where you are able to create a life of love, health and wealth – however those elements are destined to be for you.

Let’s be clear…some of us are meant to experience illness, bankruptcy and heartache. These things are all an integral part of the human existence.

What separates a Master from the herd, however, is that she takes these experiences and follows her angels’ guidance to spin straw into gold. She uses what has happened and transforms it into a gift that serves her, serves the greater good.

A Master navigates life with faith, joy, confidence and deep inner knowing that she is here for a very specific purpose. She may not have full clarity on what that purpose is, but she knows that with every guided step, she is fulfilling her destiny.

She is doing what she came here to do.

She is happy.

She is at peace.

And please don’t just take our word for it, scroll down to see all the praise we’ve been blessed with. (Not all “she’s” by the way 😉 )

For those pursuing certification, we’re going to work with you both in class and one-on-one. You’ll finish with a certificate that speaks volumes and is respected around the globe. (We’re proud of our reputation for comprehensive, life-altering training!) You will also become a member of our ACM Club, where we meet and connect with other students who have been part of the certification training.

For those of you who chose to audit the class, you are 100% part of all in-class activities and events! (We usually do a special one-off Intro to Human Design for our ACM’ers, since we don’t have space within the course curriculum.) You will also be included in the homework activities, like doing readings with fell classmates. The difference for you is that there are no one-on-one sessions, homework review or participation in the ACM Club. But you DO have full access to everything that happens in class and lots of opportunities to get your questions answered and needs met.


Our 6-month live Masters class is where you get super serious about your relationship with the angels.

With this level of training, you’ve decided to live in partnership with your angels.

You know the angels must be a part of your life. You want – even need – them to guide you through every twist, turn, bump and lesson that the universe sends your way. Because if you don’t, you know it will be either impossible …or just more challenging than it needs to be.

Maybe you’d like to give angel card readings professionally. And feel confident doing it.

Perhaps you just want to experience deep connection to your intuition and your angels in every moment of every day.

In our small group classes, you’ll get the individual attention you need to more specifically understand how angel communication works for you.

We’ll cover a broad array of angel communication topics designed to help you feel confident with how all of the angelic intuitive senses show up uniquely for you, because remember, true angel communication is an entirely personal experience. (How clairvoyance works for you is different from how it works for me…same for all of us…same for all of the senses.)

We will pair you with other students to practice. This may feel intimidating at first, but it always results in experiences that help you expand and grow exponentially – I promise! And…lifelong friendships are frequently forged. Wouldn’t it be special to have a group of friends to share and talk to about your angel experiences?!!

Course Overview


The training consists of 18 live, 90-minute classes per week over the course of 6 months and will be taught by Elvia.

While live attendance is preferred, it is not required. We understand time zone and scheduling dances, so we are accustomed to accommodating students participating remotely. If you are not able to make any/all of the classes or need to re-listen to any part, they are recorded for your convenience. All class materials are included in the cost of tuition.


Elvia Roe

Class size:

10 max

Certification Requirements:

12 approved readings plus a Passion Project. We will personally review your angel readings and provide constructive feedback so you can grow in confidence. We’ll also give you the opportunity to connect more deeply with your life purpose through the Masters Passion Project – your chance to create and complete anything you wish that gets you aligned with your inner fire.


For certificate students, your tuition includes:

  • Two 30-minute private sessions with your teacher to discuss and counsel with special focus on your Passion Project
  • ACM Club membership so that you are supported ongoing, after the training is done

High-level course outline:

We start with a brief review of the basics.
From there…topics covered include:

  • How to live with the angels as partners & bring their guidance into every day life
  • Advanced angel reading tools & techniques
  • Advanced Intuitive Vocabulary – this helps you know the uniqueness of YOUR angel communication dialect
  • How to know if the messages are right (and most importantly, what to do when you’re not sure)
  • Intention & the art of manifestation
  • Archangels & ascended masters archetypes
  • Pendulum dowsing
  • Assessing the health of your energetic bodies
  • Attuning to your environment
  • Protection – energetic and physical
  • Pairing with fellow students to practice what you learn. Not only will you meet like minded people, but this gives you a much deeper experience.
  • Intro to leading groups – exposure to facilitating circles will help you get started on the path of growing your business should you feel called to do this work professionally.
  • PLUS an Angel Communication Master’s Passion Project designed to help you ground your work with the angels and plug you into your life purpose with guidance from our teaching team (and the angels, of course!)

The journey begins Spring 2020.
Schedule some time to speak with us and see if this class is right for you!


Angel Communication 8-week Live Training OR equivalent (tuition for this not included in the Master’s training) OR by permission of the Teacher.



Optional Payment Plan

Certificate: $150 non-refundable deposit followed by 12 monthly payments of $125.

Audit: $150 non-refundable deposit followed by 12 monthly payments of $75. Email for audit registration details.

Included Materials:

Within 1-2 weeks of the class start date, you’ll receive a package with all your class materials – print copy of the Angel Communication Master™ Training Manual, a card deck and a beautiful pendulum selected just for you!


We'd love to welcome you! Register now for certification (below) or email us with questions or for audit registration info.