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Message from St. Germaine

Blessings of growing light to you, dear ones!
I was meditating last week and towards the end of my stillness, I saw the image of a man with a silver beard. I asked him who he was and he said he was St. Germaine. I understand that he’s not always depicted this way and honestly the vision felt almost Merlin like, but he insisted he was St. Germaine here to bring us a message.
It felt right in all ways, so I bring you what he shared with me…

Alchemy. Transformation. Birth. And rebirth.

It is all a cycle. One cycle spinning like a helix with many points along the way. No point ever quite the same as any other and all points always connected.

An ending is always a beginning. In reciprocal form, a beginning is always an ending.

This past year has been a culmination of many endings and beginnings all triggered in a relatively short period of time. Like a human turning 2, then 7, then 18, then 25 – all in one year.

It is a lot for you to absorb. For many there is shell shock, feeling stunned in the presence of new energies that are so powerful AND so new to you, that they may appear formidable at the outset.

But formidable they are not. They are simply new and here to assist you with global transformation into what will later be seen as the “birth of the new human.”

You are all in a birth canal of sorts, and as such, being squeezed. But know this, the height of the difficulties will soon be over. At least within the decade.

I understand this may seem like such a long time, and yet just a blip on the timeline of your soul.

A hallmark of this era is one of receiving, allowing, surrendering to replace the pushing and forceful nature of the past era.

As you work with and not against these new energies, you will experience the peace that is yours for the taking.

Such an honor for you to have incarnated at this pivotal time in humanity’s evolution! Your role is an important one. Even if simply to BE the Light for others to see, to witness.

Take solace in these words: this too shall pass. And when it does, you will remember the gifts you have received and the growth that your soul has accomplished.

Well done my fellow Lightworker genius, well done.


After I channeled this message, I was prompted to do a little digging into the teachings of St. Germaine and found this quote that feels so apropos of what he’s shared here.

“The students should at all times remember that no matter what their mistakes may have been, God never criticizes nor condemns them; but at every stumble which is made, in that sweet, loving Voice says: “Arise, My Child, and try again, and keep on trying, until at last you have attained the True Victory and Freedom of your God-given Dominion.” From the “I Am” discourses.

So much love from my heart to yours.
xo Elvia


Gratitude for post image to Victoria Strukovskaya from Unsplash

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