Is this You?

Somewhere inside, you believe.

Somewhere inside, you know the angels can help you.

Somewhere inside, you know the angels can guide you to a happier, fulfilling and more balanced lifestyle. Perhaps you aren’t certain whether you can learn to hear them…or learn to trust them, but you remain open to the possibility. You hold fast to the belief they can help you, so you’re optimistic.

Or perhaps you’re one who knows with certainty the angels are guiding you, but you’re resistant to listening. You’re wondering… if you had formal training, the gears would all kick in and your life would be so much easier.

Maybe you have a passion to help people or want to change careers. You’ve been trying really hard, but you just can’t seem to get the manifestation process to work consistently for you. You’re pondering…if I could just follow the angels’ guidance more closely…

Here’s who we often work with…

We work with people who are motivated to learn how to hear their angels and to follow their guidance to create the changes they desire.

Many of our students feel challenged with abundance, relationships, or health. They may understand the basics of “Law of Attraction” but they don’t understand how to apply it to their own life. They are motivated to make change, but just don’t know how.

Many of our students are closet healers. Some already have practices that need focus. And some dream about it during their day job. They want to take the jump from where they are now to feeling success in a healing business they love. But they feel trapped by financial obstacles and don’t see a path to paying the bills while doing a job they love. Or, they lack clarity. They wonder, “what exactly would I do if I were a healer?”

Our typical student or client is a woman between the ages of 30-65

(with a few wonderful and brave exceptions!)

She has felt challenged with family, relationships or her career. She believes there must be a higher power that can help her, because she wants to feel alive again.

Our students are ready for well-established, comprehensive training with practical, proven techniques for learning how to access their intuition and the power of the angels. Some of our students have already experienced this higher power, but are not sure whether to trust it or not. Some of them want to learn angel communication or sacred manifestation techniques for their own personal growth. Some of them want to pursue a new career.

Our clients are ready for change. They have sometimes lost their sense of direction and are looking for a beacon to show them the path of healing. They want to know how to feel better about life and they are motivated and ready to take positive steps forward to make it happen.

Our students desperately want to make a difference in the world. They just don’t always know how.

Our students and clients know there is an ever-present loving force in the Universe that is there to help. And they want to harness that power…and trust it.

Our clients want to feel better. They know life has its challenges and can be better than it is. They are looking for answers that feel good and are lovingly supportive.

So, does this sound like something you might say or think?

  • “I’ve known I have an intuitive sense for a long time. Sometimes I listen to it, but many times I don’t. When I don’t listen, I usually get that ‘I should have followed my gut’ feeling. But, I just can’t trust it enough to understand it’s the angels and follow that guidance.”
  • “When I was younger, I thought life would be different. I got married, had children and I thought that was the answer to my happiness. Now I know it’s not. My marriage isn’t exciting or fulfilling, my children rely on me less and I feel like I’ve lost my purpose.”
  • “My job is just so tedious. I feel like a robot doing the same thing day after day. I can’t help but think there’s a better career for me. Maybe I could do something I really love; something that helps people feel good about themselves. Maybe I can feel good about myself again.”
  • “Make big life decisions based on the messages I hear from the angels? Sounds interesting, but hard to trust. I wonder if I could ever do that?

You are most likely to succeed with us if…

You are willing to commit. You are ready to hear what your angels say…

and want to learn how to trust them. You are prepared to be

bold in your faith and ready to listen.

You want to create positive change for you, for your family and for your world. You long to feel gently supported in making changes in your life that are necessary for you to be truly happy. It may be on the surface, or it may be presently hidden, but somewhere within…you are courageous, strong and vibrant.

You believe in the potential of your abilities and are determined to keep trying no matter what. You understand that deep trust in divine guidance is not something that develops overnight. Somewhere inside, however, you know that as you do learn to trust this guidance, it can only lead to goodness.

Integrity and balance are important to you. You understand that when life becomes stressful and overwhelming, change is in the air. It may not always be possible in the moment, but your goal is to stand in the power of your truth…to live the life that God has intended for you.

You are open minded and willing to explore new ideas. You aren’t afraid to ask questions. You love to learn, evolve and share space with like-minded friends.