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If I could share ONE thing…

Hello and springtime blessings, dear earth angels!

Tomorrow is my birthday and anyone who knows me even a little, knows how much I LOVE birthdays! It’s true, any reason to celebrate life is a good thing in my book.

In the spirit of giving, if there was only one thing I could share with you (and something I pray I’ve taught my children), it would be this: know YOUR yes.

Knowing your yes gives you the keys to the kingdom, because literally everything else showing up to distract or pull your attention in another direction…is a no. (Or not now.)

For the video version of this message, click on the image below…

As we talk about a lot in our Angel Communication Masters™ training, there is only one aligned, guided YES in any given nano-second.

When your focus is chaotic, unclear or confused, what you are saying to the Universe is a big (scream with me now) “I don’t know what I want!” The one aligned yes of angelic guidance has somehow gotten lost and is swirling in a sea of no’s, maybe’s, should I’s? and possibly’s.

This can happen for a few of reasons:

  • You actually do have a sense of what you want, but you’re fighting to accept it because you’ve been conditioned to believe that what you want is somehow wrong (eg: taking a break in the middle of a workday triggers a self-defeating script: nope, that’s for “lazy” folks.)
  • You don’t have a sense of what you want, because you’ve been so conditioned to live out someone else’s dreams and expectations that you’re not quite sure who you really are or what you really want.
  • A little column A and a little column B, as our daughter likes to say – a combination of the first two points.

Energy is very specific and highly targeted.

Energy responds in kind to your feelings.

Energy has intensity that matches your level of passion (or lack thereof).

IF you desire clarity and a strong sense of purpose, then it is essential that you are clear with what you want to be saying YES to.

Peter and I just got back from a week in the Caribbean. I knew when I returned that I’d be a busy bee. Not only is there lots going on with AngelsTeach, but we are hosting our son’s and daughter-in-law’s wedding here at our farm this coming August, which translates to wedding planning + house/property preparation. I am also officiating my father’s memorial service in June.

With piles of laundry on my list for Monday as well as grocery shopping and other critical errands for the week ahead, our dryer broke. No big deal really, but a stress maker when wet clothes are strewn around the dining room to dry.

I share this, because all these events and stressors triggered my ego to dive head first into OMG! mode and I found myself on Tuesday afternoon wandering around the house, completely overwhelmed and not knowing where the heck I’d put my YES.

As I caught myself, I knew I had to sit my butt down on my meditation couch and tune in. Simple breathing hadn’t been enough, I needed to give hyper focus to my thoughts, my feelings and my intentions. The only way to reign them in, was to deeply “plug in.” So I did.

My mind began to clear and I felt my energy returning to center. I knew immediately where I needed to focus my energy. I’d found my YES.

Sometimes – maybe even often times – it takes work to really know your yes.

Not the yes of someone else’s dreams.

Not the yes of the path you think you should take.

Your yes. The yes that brings joyful tears to your eyes because you are so deeply connected with Source, there is little distinction between the two.

The yes that is 100% resonant with who you are here to be.

The yes that connects you with what you are here to do.

If you feel like you need help knowing your yes, we have several offerings that are starting this spring. Just reply to this email and we’ll get you in the loop with what’s going on. 🙂

We’re here for YOU!

xo Elvia

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