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How I slipped…and how it could have been prevented (or at least been a lot easier)

Autumn blessings, dear earth angel,

We had our first frost here in New England this past week. Pretty, but brrrrrrr!

Today I’m guided to write about how our personal filters affect the messages we receive from the angels. This is something that affects all of us and is a HUGE topic when it comes to effective and accurate angel communication.

In our advanced training, I help students explore their personal filters. When is a commitment you’ve made or a habit/belief that’s ingrained interfering with the ability to receive accurate messages? And more importantly, when this does happen – which it inevitably will – how do you transcend and overcome?

I’d like to share a very personal story that I pray will help illustrate…

I was chatting with my BFF recently and we were pondering how closely I followed my guidance (or not) while I was caring for my mother those many years.

At the time, I felt I was following the advice of my angel friends pretty darn closely, but here I am 1+ years post her passing and just beginning to emerge from the physical and emotional impact. Which has had me wondering…

A part of me would have done almost anything for my mother. How much of this was an aspect of my guidance versus a personal filter grabbing hold and blinding me?

I have a hard time believing that the angels would lead me down a path that would leave me physically and emotionally beaten down. If this is true, then what did I miss? What guidance was I choosing to ignore? I look back and a part of me doesn’t want to see what could have been different, but there’s something there. And writing about it brings clarity.

Somewhere inside, we ALL know the truth of our guidance deep down. It can take courage, patience and a strong desire to really know and embrace that truth.

Where I am today as I peer more closely within… there are a few “tweaks” I could have made to being there for my mother and also for my father (lived in a different state), but the bigger factor was slipping away from consistency with a daily spiritual practice. In efforts to care for everyone, manage the business and everything else, I let self-care slip (how many of us do that?!!!)

A big part of self-care is a consistent practice of prayer and meditation as our best tools for creating a life that’s aligned with love, health, joy, abundance and all things good.

I know and understand on a cellular level that if my prayer and meditation practice had been stronger, I’d have handled things more easily. Would this have completely prevented the outcome?

Not the wounds…we’re human and losing a mother hurts. It would, however, have most likely resulted in a much shorter rebound period.

If there’s one takeaway I’d love for you to grab here, dear one, is this.

Take care of your self body, mind and spirit. Create each and every day in faith, with intention and with a positive expectation of what’s to come.

Until next time…
xo Elvia

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