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[FREE Event] Self-Worth and Surrender 9-day Tapping & Prayer

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Is any part of you thinking, “Who, me? I don’t do much. I’m not gifted.”

Perhaps you believe that what you offer the world isn’t significant, or good enough. That your gifts aren’t needed.

So. Not. True.

Now is the time for ALL of us to let go of limiting beliefs and step into that space of love power.

Because what you offer the world IS important, maybe even essential.

It doesn’t matter if your gift is a loving heart-to-heart conversation with a stranger, artwork that inspires an Instagram following, writing a blog or book for 3 people… that changes their lives, a heartfelt moment with a grandchild, or leading the masses in a revolution of love.

It all matters. YOU matter.

The angels remind us that size is a construct of the ego. You never know how far reaching one “small” act or choice can have across the planet.

BUT…you have to be able to follow through on that act, that choice with a sense of faith and self-empowerment.


Which is why…

I’ve been guided to host a 9 Days of Self Worth and Surrender Tapping & Prayer Event to help earth angels from around the globe release scripts and beliefs that they are “less than…” and step into the space of surrender, self-acceptance and ultimately love.

Akin to my other 9-day events, we will meet daily for 20-25 minutes to do some tapping and prayer. The intention is to release scripts like…

I’m not good enough to receive reliable guidance from the angels
I’m not worthy of a life that nurtures and inspires me
I’m too insignificant to have any kind of impact
People never listen to me
These life lessons have plagued me all my life and will continue to do so until the day I die
And more. SO much more.

Because I want to hear from you. (When you register for this event, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a survey where you can – anonymously if you choose – share with me the obstacles you’re facing to self-worth and surrendering to all the gifts that you’re here to share with the world.)

After we tap, we will finish each day with prayer to wrap you in an angel hug and replenish you with faith.

This offering is no cost, no catch, just tapping, prayer…and angels.

We will begin next Tuesday, March 10th at noon Eastern under the influence of the full moon, just after Mercury has gone direct sitting in the Mayan energy of new beginnings. Each meeting will be recorded, so if you can’t join live, you will be able to participate via recording on your own schedule.

All you have to do is –> CLICK to REGISTER

I truly believe that now – more than ever – we must be following our guidance. So often we may hear the guidance, but don’t follow it because of fear, self-doubt and challenges with self-worth.

We’re talking about listening to the soul voice. Which if you allow the noise of the current world to dominate, you probably won’t be able to hear.


I pray you can join me 🙂 –> CLICK to REGISTER


Photo cred: Dan Meyers

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