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Faith v. Denial

Sweet blessings, dear one,

With all that’s going on in the world – hurricanes, tsunamis, political shitstorms (pardon my French) highlighted by headlines about major division in the U.S., it can be easy to slide into despair and be tempted to just give up on the vision of a bright future.

In response this week, I’d like to focus on faith and take a look at the difference between faith and denial.

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Let’s talk about it…

So, when does faith slip into denial?

When are we covering our eyes and choosing not to see what needs to change?

When does faith rule the day with trust that all is in divine order?

I often see earth angels fretting, especially now. They fear that if they hold tight to faith and keep going, they are denying the issues and not dealing with them. I’ve wondered this myself and the angels recently helped me understand more clearly.

Denial is the state of being confronted with a disharmonious situation and pretending it’s not there. Done. Period. No energy directed towards positive change.

Faith is the state of being confronted with a disharmonious situation and choosing to look above it, building energy with the focus of creation on something better – an outcome that’s the desire of the soul. Faith allows the presence of God to intervene on behalf of all involved.

Denial focuses on the limitations of the drama.

Faith looks truth in the eye.

Denial is infused with fear.

Faith embraces love.

Denial is disconnected.

Faith is actionable through love.

As you come face to face with a situation that needs work, ask your angels to help you look beyond the circumstances to the truth of the Source that is foundation. From here, grow in faith that all is in divine order.

Direct your energy with every cell of your being towards the forces of the Universe that are conspiring on your behalf.

Surrender to these forces. All is well.

This is no easy task in our times, but it must be done. Please join me in holding the vision for a world of love, peace and respect for all life.

Remember always,
I love you.
xo Elvia

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