Deborah Hodiak Knox

Deborah Hodiak-Knox

AngelsTeach Master Teacher

Hello and welcome beautiful earth angel… Deborah Hodiak-Knox here , an Angelic Life Coach® and Master Teacher at AngelsTeach.

I have always been one of those people who just ‘knows’ things.  Problem was, I couldn’t figure out how to TRUST that knowing.

Growing up as an only child in an alcoholic home often times left me questioning reality and feeling- well… alone.

As a young child, I would often turn to writing as a way to try to make sense of things and ‘talk to God’.

Throughout my life I had searched for a way to make sense of it all… and then I found this community.
I believe that every problem, every challenge ~ is an invitation from God to come one step closer.  What better way to do this than by connecting with the messengers themselves?

AngelsTeach –Angel Communication Masters training in particular, provided me with the foundation needed to be able to heed this call.




That is what we gain by choosing to live this life fully and to the best of our ability, each and every day.

I now view myself as an instrument of love, peace and compassion… and see the beauty in vulnerability and healing; something that must be done at your own pace ~ at God’s pace.

It is human nature to want to move forward and gain an ever-deeper understanding of ourselves.  It takes courage, commitment and support to be able to do so.

Angelic guidance is your birthright.

It is nothing beyond your reach.

Just show up. Be present… and feed the desire within you to GROW.