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Doreen Virtue and my thoughts on her change of heart

This has been a bit of a hard message to write. It involves a past teacher who I’ve greatly admired, Doreen Virtue. I was her student and what she created changed my life in a very powerful and positive way. She helped set this career path into motion for me and I know this is true for many others as well. For this, for her, I am eternally grateful.

That said, I know there is a lot of fear, anxiety and disruption that has come out of her recent choices and announcements. To that, I feel heavily guided to respond.

Click on the image below to view the video version of this message…

In 2017 Doreen Virtue, author of many angel oracle card decks, metaphysical books, an angel communication teacher and so much more, announced that she was leaving all of that behind to convert 100% to strict Christianity. Not only did she leave it all behind, but she denounced it and claimed that those teachings were the working of demonic forces.

Earlier this week, she posted an article: An A-Z List of New Age Practices to Avoid and Why. It’s a lengthy article and going straight to her bit on angels, she shares that demons can disguise themselves as angels. Her belief is that we should not be speaking directly with the angelic realm and that it’s impossible for us humans to know the difference between benevolent and malevolent energy.

It can be easy to feel alarmed by her claim, especially since she used to be considered an expert on all things angels. It can be easy to judge her. It can be easy to doubt what you know to be true in your heart.

Here’s what I have to say about all that…

First, we have no idea what precipitated this change of direction for her. To judge, condemn or criticize her is not what our angels want. It’s not our role and honestly serves no one. Instead, we are asked by our angels to hold her  in the purest vibrations of love and light so that she can live out her aligned life and work through whatever karma she may be facing. May she know true grace.

Second, she’s made it clear that she no longer wishes to communicate with the angelic realm. That’s her choice. It doesn’t mean that what you know to be true in your heart is wrong. In fact, I take it as an invitation to double down on the faith I have in my angels who prove their existence and unending love to me every day. You can, if you choose, do the same. Your heart is a powerful energetic vortex and it is my strong belief that it knows the difference between benevolence and malevolence quite easily. The mind, where fear takes up residence, is what interrupts the process of discernment. Trust the Truth that lies deep in your heart – where your angels live – and you will know only goodness.

Third, you may have spent much of your life giving your authority away to other people you believed knew better than you – parents, siblings, teachers, religious mentors,… If you believe that your angels are guiding you back to wholeness, to trusting yourself, to reclaiming your beautiful, true voice and power – then I invite you to let this earth plane drama go and to release any inclination to give it continued energy. I invite you to continue to work with your angels to reclaim your inner authority and embrace the decision making process that is yours alone in partnership with your winged allies.

I pray this message brings peace to all who may need it with renewed faith in the Love that lies deep within.

Until next time…

xo Elvia

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I just ran across a YouTube video of Doreen Virtue denouncing all things metaphysical and I was shocked and surprised. I thought it must be a different “Doreen Virtue” until I read about her conversion. I love your message to hold her in light and not to judge, since we can never know what goes on in the heart of another, and to follow our own inner guidance.

    1. I love your heart of non-judgment, Theresa. So true that we never know what’s going on in the inner world of others…even our loved ones at times.
      Thank you for sharing and I’m so glad this message helped.

  2. I honestly think she was threatened by a church. and the fact she WORKS with ANGELS and the churches work with ANGELS it makes no sense why she had to quit doing the things she believed in. it comes off as unstable in her own faith. it comes off as someone threatened her life so she would convert to their religion. it sounds like she had no choice and the fact she is back in a faith she felt so strongly before that was suffocating makes me wonder and worry for her sanity

    1. Thank you for sharing! I look at it as one of those situations that’s hard to reconcile…meaning, what makes sense logically versus what makes sense in the heart are two different things. I also see it as something that can give us the opportunity to look at our own feelings and relationship with religion, belief in God and the angels, and our connection to Source – when we’re comfortable with those things, other people’s choices don’t really matter. I pray that makes sense.
      Blessings to YOU,

  3. @Faith-I totally agree with u! Without the intention of sounding judgemental, bc I try my best never to judge anyone, regardless of their faith or belief systems, I have had a lifetime of experiences with those who have decided to become “born again Christians”, those who were raised strictly Christian (and live each day strictly by the bible) and those who suddenly decide to raise their kids by the bible (UGH these POOR Kids!! This is not a judglement, but it’s actually emotional ABUSE to raise one’s kids to live with guilt if they dont follow the bible, bc GOD LOVES US ALL, REGARDLESS of how we live our lives and REGARDLESS of mistakes we make) . Every single “Christian” and “Born again Christian” I’ve ever met, has turned out to be someone who lacks self love and lacks their OWN belief system. Every Christian and Born again Christian I have EVER met, has used (and is using) the whole “Christian/Bible verse belief system” as either a substitute for an addiction they are trying to stop (whether the addiction is drinking, eating, smoking, sex, gambling or any other addiction one can develop) , and/or they are using the Christain/Bible thing as a way to feel some sort of control in their life bc they feel so “out of control” of their lives. Regardless of the reasons these “Christian” and “Born Again Christian” types have jumped into and have become OBSESSED with Christianity, these types of ppl are always what I describe as “lost souls”…ppl who lack self love, ppl who feel continually guilty about who they are and what they do on a daily basis (when God is our creator and does NOT judge us for making mistakes!) I had no idea that Doreen had denounced her entire belief system and suddenly became a “Christian”. This is so odd to me!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your sharing, Kimberly! I pray you and your loved ones are healthy and feeling the grace of the angels!
      xo Elvia

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