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Thanksgiving, interrupted?

Thanksgiving is a time when families gather. When our feasting is a celebration of community, of connection, of togetherness, of gratitude. But not this year. At least not as it’s been before. Many earth angels are alone, missing their families and friends. For others, seeing loved ones is complicated. And for those who are celebrating with the loved … Continued

By: Elvia Roe
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“Nina cares about each person and will help you wherever the Angels ask her to guide her. Don’t be afraid to take this course. It makes you feel that you belong. I high recommend Nina Roe’s class!” Michelle, Surrey U.K.

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“Nina has the patience of a Saint. She conducts her classes with Love that just comes through the phone line. She has a way of making you feel so comfortable. The main things I have learned in this class are, patience, trust, and I am now more aware that my Angels are truly all around … Continued

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“I have always dabbled with reading for myself, but never had the confidence to actually work with others even though I always felt in my core that I should be. The Angel Reading Class helped to build my skills, confidence and to enhance my intuition. I really feel like it was the turning point for … Continued

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“Since Day One of the Angel Certification class I have found that my eyes have been opened to the wonderful messages from the Divine. I am happier and more content in my daily living and find that I am feeling more confident in myself. Rev. Nina is an extraordinary and gifted teacher. She is thorough … Continued

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“Since starting this class 6 weeks ago, my life has been greatly impacted. I feel so much closer to the Angels, God, and the whole spiritual realm. I cannot put into words the deep love I feel in my heart when I think about this class, and how it has changed my thinking forever. We … Continued

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“This class has been truly fantastic in every way. I thought the general concept of a teleclass would be difficult, particularly for angel reading, but it has been so amazing. The group of people with whom I share my thoughts, ideas, and am learning with, are fantastic. Nina is a really gifted teacher, and she … Continued

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“From the very first class I was surprised and delighted to find that the Angels are around me and desiring to give me all the help and guidance I wish to ask for. Through using the Angel card deck I have been humbled over and over by receiving the answers I needed instantly after pulling … Continued

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“I am 1/2 way thru the Angel Reading tele-class and I have to say I am feeling grateful in taking this every day. It has made me realize my talent is true and that I need to stand in my source of power every day. I have learned so much from this class and Nina. … Continued

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“I’ve always wanted to connect to the highest and best source of information, source of love, represented in this class and perspective by the archangels. Rev. Nina provides lots of information and her loving and gentle support helps me to do just that.” Barb, Ontario Canada

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The Gift of Gratitude  By Rev. Nina Roe Have you ever opened your eyes to a new day and  felt, “Ugh!”?Have you felt anxiety about changes that are  entering into your life?…and you wonder, “did I really ask for this?” I don’t usually wake up feeling discouraged, but this morning I did. Today fear reared … Continued

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