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[Video] Messages from the Angels – July 2020

Whether it’s Mars in Aries raising the flag for action or the glow of the full moon (or both!) it seemed time to do another edition of Video Messages from the Angels. I was inspired by 3 objects/events in our yard this past week. Here are their messages for YOU! Which will hold the message … Continued

By: Elvia Roe
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“I really enjoyed the Angel Reading class! Nina was so helpful and supportive. I was somewhat in touch with my intuition prior to taking the class, but so much more so now. I loved Nina’s feedback on homework assignments, it really helped build my confidence. The whole experience was wonderful, I highly recommend learning with … Continued

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“Informative, uplifting, and inspirational. Nina is a wonderful instructor, and I gained a wealth of information and inspiration from taking this course. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an online Angel Certification Class!” Ellen Elizabeth Miller, Maryland

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Let FREEDOM ring!

Freedom. Pause for a moment and say it out loud. FREEDOM!! Hear the cadance of the word. Taste it in your mouth. Feel it in your body. Let it penetrate your gut. Look at how it’s constructed: FREE-DOM – a realm where you are truly free. Freedom is something that we celebrate nationally this time … Continued

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Time to begin again

With the rising of each new day, we are given a chance to start over – to begin again. And with every setting of the sun, we are shown how to release and let go. With each breath in, we are given new air…new possibilities. And with each exhale, the opportunity to let go of … Continued

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Tea Time with the Fairies!

This is a week when many Americans are on vacation. It is a time for celebrating family, friends and the freedom that comes naturally with the summer season. It is, of course, when we rejoice in the liberty we appreciate as a country – but that is a post for another day! Today is about … Continued

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War and Wisdom

Athena is the Greek Goddess of war and wisdom. An interesting combination when you stop to think about it. Decisions about war are so often governed by emotions. “They got us, so now we need to get them.” Or “if we allow them to continue with those beliefs, they are ignorant and could be a … Continued

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Strength in a few words

I was brought to tears yesterday morning after I hung up the phone with my father. We had our usual chat and as we were bringing the conversation to a close, I said, “I love you, Dad!” and then he replied, “I love YOU, Nina!” This sounds like a fairly typical interchange between father and … Continued

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A bird in the hand…

Birds have been very prevalent in my reality of late, showing up in various ways always at just the right time. A few days ago, I walked down to our Peace yard to do my morning yoga and I found an empty bird’s nest on the ground. Concerned about any babies that may have been … Continued

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Taming the Chaos

This sedate, yet untamed fairy has hair and wings streaming wildly behind her as she sits peacefully in her feminine self and gazes up at the stars. There is one star in particular that is dominant – the large, purple one – and it is guiding the way to a more peaceful future. It is … Continued

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Let the Earth be Your Guide

This past Friday/Saturday has brought us the Summer Solstice and with it, the longest day of the year. The Angels have been channeling for weeks leading up to this event about the changes that are taking place on our planet. And the shift that has come to fruition with the sun reaching its height during … Continued

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