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Pausing to clean my wings

Beautiful earth angels, Summer is upon us! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the sun is warming us all in its lovely embrace. Cliché perhaps, but true. My message today is of a different nature. I’m writing to let you know that I’ve been guided to slow down and shift my focus … Continued

By: Elvia Roe
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Oh that ego… Exposé – Sneaky Ego Trick #1

Mid-winter blessings, dear earth angel, I don’t know about you, but I’ve still been feeling the push/pull of wanting to jump into the new year and also wanting to hibernate and scan the landscape of my inner Being. This time of year is so rich with the energy to go deep within, to heal, to … Continued

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[Video] What’s in store for this year? Messages from the Angels for 2019

Well the angels have certainly been chatty about 2019, dear [First Name]! With all that’s going on in the world, they want us to remember that they are there always to support us and give us what we need to transcend the drama and move into a more consistent experience of joy. Our Messages with … Continued

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Ditch the plan… and create an AMAZING 2019 with your angels

Hello sweet earth angel and Happy New Year! I pray your angels are treating you well as we kick off a new cycle marked by the numerology of 3 with the tarot major arcana cards: The Empress and Hanged Man. Truth be told, it’s been a rather strange entry into 2019 and I’ve definitely already felt … Continued

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Excalibur, a Santa Story and the Power of Your Beliefs

Solstice full moon blessings, dear earth angel! I admit it. I love corny Christmas movies. Once our son left to be with his wife in Tokyo over the holidays, Peter and I had the TV to ourselves. With a fire blazing in the wood stove and a glass of yummy Cotes de Rhone poured, we queued … Continued

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Struggling to feel the holiday spirit? Allow this…

Sweet earth angel, The holidays make what’s inside of us bigger. The intense focus on friends and family, coupled with the stress of a faster pace can bring deep emotions to the surface. We often find ourselves entering into this time of year feeling stretched, exhausted and extra sensitive. While we are encouraged and strive to be merry … Continued

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The Angels of Light have a message

Hello beautiful earth angel! I’ve heard a lot of folks lately talking about passion…a lack of it. They don’t have clarity about their purpose because they don’t feel the inspiration because they don’t feel the motivation because they can’t feel the passion. And you could reverse that…because there’s little/no passion, there’s no motivation which means there’s no … Continued

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[Video] Messages from the Angels for December

Bright December blessings, dear earth angels! Our Messages with the Angels this month is inspired by, well…the holidays! Before we go there, I received many emails last week from folks who weren’t able to access the Guidance Now online cards on the website. I’m not sure exactly what the issue was, because it worked for … Continued

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Guidance Now: the how-to’s of our new card picking tool

We are now officially in a season that delivers many mixed messages to our inner biological rhythm – a hard wired need to turn inward and use the darker days to scour our inner landscape, release what no longer serves and plant seeds for the next year…bumps up against the often hectic schedule of the … Continued

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Beginnings and Endings…dedicated to my Mom and Dad

Beloved earth angel, Update: I wrote this on Monday evening. My father passed away on Wednesday morning while I was in Atlanta at a week long business school retreat. The winks and nods from the angels were – and continue to be – unparalleled. I know my father is safely in heaven guarding all that I do. … Continued

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Karma. Bam. And a Box of Our Own Making.

I’ve been working with a spiritual teacher who zinged me with a “Bam!” moment a couple of weeks ago. I’d been processing some charged emotions around a woman who’d interrupted a sacred meditation circle my husband and I were facilitating. It had infuriated me and felt to be – in the words of my late step-mother … Continued

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