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The Angels of Light have a message

Hello beautiful earth angel! I’ve heard a lot of folks lately talking about passion…a lack of it. They don’t have clarity about their purpose because they don’t feel the inspiration because they don’t feel the motivation because they can’t feel the passion. And you could reverse that…because there’s little/no passion, there’s no motivation which means there’s no … Continued

By: Elvia Roe
FILED IN: Angelic Intuition Inspiration Blog
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Announcements and Amping Up Angels in August

Hello sweet earth angel, Wowsers, what a month it’s beenI The energy has been INTENSE and is stirring up all kinds of emotions and situations to help us heal. If you prefer the video version of this message, click on the image below. Just remember to come back to the important links embedded in this message. … Continued

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[Audio] Inner Child Meditation

Blessings to YOU, beautiful one! First, I’m so glad you are here! 🙂 I’m excited to share with you a guided meditation that honestly just popped in earlier this week as I was sitting in our kitchen listening to the wind chimes right outside the back door. I bought them as a memorial after we … Continued

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[Video] July Messages from the Angels

Sultry July blessings dear earth angel! This month’s Messages from the Angels brings you a choice of an old fashioned swing, a giant frog or a Philadelphia art mural. Which one will your angels lead you too this month? Click HERE to watch or on the image below… And thank you angels, because the storms started … Continued

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Freedom, past lives…and women

We women often put ourselves second (third, fourth,…). Many men do too, but context here is female. Join me. Take a breath. If you prefer to watch/listen to this message, click HERE or on the image below. Been going seriously DEEP into truth, looking at gifts I possess that I’ve been hiding, acknowledging that on … Continued

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Past Lives…and angels

I don’t know about you beloved earth angel, but past life recalls have been surfacing in spades. Perhaps it’s the Summer Solstice showering us with its blessings here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Have you felt the tremors, experienced the flashes? Energy that may be hard to pinpoint directly to this incarnation. Vibrations that feel faintly … Continued

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Past Life Healing with EFT

Greetings lovely, Details for this two-part event that begins on July 14th. You can participate 100% on your schedule if the dates/times aren’t convenient. Here’s how it’s going to work… On Saturday, July 14th at 11am eastern, my husband Peter (I call him the humble shaman) and I will lead you all in a Past … Continued

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Birthday offer – Past Life Healing with EFT

UPDATE: Registration is open through July 12th. Cost is $33. Will you join us? 😀 Hello beautiful one, If you have Past Life “stuff” you’d like to heal, I have a time sensitive offer – June 16-17th only! Scroll down to learn more… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` It was 28 years ago today – June 16th – that I became … Continued

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Grief, self-care + angel communication

Sweet earth angel, It was a year on Monday since my mother passed away. While predictable in hindsight, I wasn’t expecting this week to be a bit emotional. An entire sun cycle has been like a period at the end of a sentence. It’s been a week of release and completion. If you’d like the video version, … Continued

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[Video] – June Messages from the Angels

Happy June dear one, it’s that time of the month again! 😉 This month’s Messages from the Angels brings you a choice of a Parisian peacock, a canal in Amsterdam or a village in southern France. Which one will your angels lead you too? Click HERE to watch or on the image below… Extra credit…at about 11 … Continued

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Where are the mothers? [Warning: this topic makes me cry.]

Hello beloved earth angel, The path for women has not be easy. (True for many men too, but my soul is here to focus on women…and the few men who embrace the feminine within.) It’s not lost on me that we returned from almost 3 weeks in Europe on Mother’s Day. That feels symbolic. This trip changed … Continued

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