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[Video] Messages from the Angels – July 2020

Whether it’s Mars in Aries raising the flag for action or the glow of the full moon (or both!) it seemed time to do another edition of Video Messages from the Angels. I was inspired by 3 objects/events in our yard this past week. Here are their messages for YOU! Which will hold the message … Continued

By: Elvia Roe
FILED IN: News Angelic Intuition Inspiration Blog
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[Video] April Messages from the Angels

Happy April, dear ones! It is no surprise to some of you that April is our birthday month. AngelsTeach is now 12 years old and as one of our beloved long time Master Teachers shared on Monday, “Our sweet girl, almost a teen! She should be very proud of the awareness and awakening she has brought … Continued

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Angels in the post-Doreen Virtue “Angel Therapy” era

Dear earth angel, I have long held the mindset that “it’s all good” and while there are times I grit my teeth uttering, “I know angels! It’s all good!” I’ve found it to be a very freeing way to live. It gives space for the gifts in everything that life has to offer. When we quickly … Continued

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If I could share ONE thing…

Hello and springtime blessings, dear earth angels! Tomorrow is my birthday and anyone who knows me even a little, knows how much I LOVE birthdays! It’s true, any reason to celebrate life is a good thing in my book. In the spirit of giving, if there was only one thing I could share with you … Continued

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The root of all evil?

Dear ones, This question has been swirling around my consciousness for months now: is it possible that assumptions are at the root of all evil? As I’ve processed this thought and paid more attention to the assumptions I make, as well as those of others I’ve witnessed, I’m feeling more and more that the answer just … Continued

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Exposé – Sneaky Ego Trick #3: You are unforgivable

Sweet earth angels, Today I’m guided to share with you the third of my Sneaky Ego trick series dusted off from the archives. If you didn’t see the first two posted recently, they’re on the blog. Sneaky Ego Trick #1: life… success – it’s complicated! Sneaky Ego Trick #2: you can’t make a difference (Remember – these are … Continued

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[Video Reading] March Messages from the Angels

Welcome to March, dear ones! So to be completely blunt, the energy has been a little wonky this week. In many ways it’s felt really good and at other times, it’s been overwhelming and throwing me off center. I literally fell at the gym on Wednesday – I’m fine, just a good example of what … Continued

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Secrets… and the angels within

Beloved earth angels, There’s a big secret in my heart. For several weeks (consciously), I haven’t been sure what to do with it. Part of me wants to guard it like a Mama Bear so that no one can ever see all of who I am. But I know that’s not what you need, nor what the angels … Continued

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Exposé – Sneaky Ego Trick #2: Can YOU make a difference?

Heartfelt blessings, dear , Today I’m guided to share with you the second of my Sneaky Ego trick series dusted off from the archives. If you didn’t see the first one posted a few weeks ago on the topic of: the ego LOVES to make things complicated!, it’s on the blog.   The synchronicities are … Continued

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[Video reading] February Messages from the Angels

Hello dear earth angels! In the Wheel of the Year reading I posted in January, what came through for this first quarter of 2019 is a theme of contemplating intentions. This all happened before Doreen Virtue’s A-Z list was published. It seems that a new level of transformation is upon us and we are being called … Continued

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Dealing with Doubt

Dear ones, First, many thanks to all of you who responded to my message from last week about Doreen Virtue’s recent change of direction. While I haven’t been able to reply to all of the emails personally, I’ve read them and am deeply touched by your stories and gratitude. It seems this touched a nerve … Continued

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