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Why Dowsing is so helpful, especially now

Last week I announced that the Dowsing with the Angels training is now available. I’ve kept the cost low (with an even lower hardship tuition if that’s needed), because my mission is to help as many people as I can to plug into their guidance, their angels’ wisdom. Why? Because it’s an essential ingredient for the evolution … Continued

By: Elvia Roe
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Tapping to Ease Surrender – Day 5

Surrendering the need to control others…

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Tapping to Ease Surrender – Day 4

Whew! We got into some big stuff here today related to following guidance and giving our decision making over to a higher power. May your healing be complete 🙏

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Tapping to Ease Surrender – Day 3

Today we tapped on wanting things to be different from what they are and believing that we know better than God and the angels.

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Tapping to Ease Surrender – Day 2

Today’s focus is anger and frustration…

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Tapping to Ease Surrender – Day 1

Today’s focus is setting the stage with some background info and then digging into the big topic of control.

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[Event] Swimming thru mud, or the path of evolution

9 Days of EFT/Tapping for Surrender…event details below. [For the audio version of this article, please click here] While the transit energies of the neutrinos streaming through the planet this past week have been more peaceful and supportive, that hasn’t been my predominant experience. I’ve had pockets of smooth flowing. Along with some major upheaval … Continued

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[Video] Messages from the Angels – September 2020

Hello dear ones! Wow, it’s almost fall already – how time does fly! (Or does it?…have you found that our relationship with time is changing with all that’s going on this year?) Below the video, I have shared a post I made on Facebook this past week. It was well received, so I’m sharing with you … Continued

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Thrilled to be a contributor with wisdom from the angels about managing this pandemic

Hello and Full Moon in Pisces blessings, I’m guessing you’ll agree that we can all use a boost of inspiration and positivity these days. Especially since we’ve just turned the calendar to a new season and there’s lots we could look at coming up that might take us away from our guidance, our angels, our inspiration. … Continued

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3 essential lessons, happening now

To view the video version of this message, click on the image below. Otherwise, read on and may these words go within you, wherever they are needed most. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do you remember “the truth is out there” quote from The X Files? Such a classic. Truth is an interesting concept to contemplate. Always, but especially … Continued

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[Video] Messages from the Angels – August 2020

Welcome to August, dear ones! I pray the growing (almost full) moon finds you well, feeling an abundance of blessings and that your angels are all present and accounted for. It can be hard to experience this sometimes…the presence of the angels, abundance, wellness. I get it. In response, I’ve written a Prayer to the Archangel Michael … Continued

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