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Sometimes guidance sucks

By now there’s a very good chance you know I love birthdays, an opportunity to reflect, honor and celebrate whoever – or whatever – is marking a solar return. To … Continued

By: Elvia Roe
FILED IN: Education Inspiration Blog
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The Role of a Lightworker

I had visions of a beautiful video for this message, but it just wasn’t happening so I did this instead đź’« Click for the audio version of this message (4:34 … Continued

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Another Message from Archangel Michael

I admit…I was a little surprised that Archangel Michael wanted to share again so soon after sharing in November, but here we are! This came through as I was meditating … Continued

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What you’ve given me

Blessings and much gratitude to those of you who responded to the survey I published last month. Your feedback has been most helpful and will help direct offerings and how … Continued

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Healing the Soul of Our US

My heart has been swirling and swirling this week leaving me many moments feeling out of body. So many feelings, emotions, opinions, thoughts – moving, shaking within me to the … Continued

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[Event] Earth Angel Sound Bath for 2021

I am so excited to announce our first event of 2021, an Earth Angel Sound Bath led by the amazing and soulful Claire Marie Barton of Connecting Through Sound. A … Continued

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[Video] Messages from the Angels for 2021

Welcome to 2021…feels good to say that, doesn’t it? I’ve gotta say, I’m bowing to the angels as I re-read my intro to the Wheel of the Year spread for … Continued

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Message from St. Germaine

Blessings of growing light to you, dear ones! I was meditating last week and towards the end of my stillness, I saw the image of a man with a silver … Continued

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[Survey] Your feedback matters!

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” Bill Gates. And for you, dear one, I want to improve AngelsTeach. To do that, it would help … Continued

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[Free Event] Solstice Altar Art Project

I’m excited to announce an inspiring artful event that is our gift to you. To help you celebrate the light and create inspiration and intention for 2021, AngelsTeach guest teacher, … Continued

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