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The Angels of Light have a message

Hello beautiful earth angel! I’ve heard a lot of folks lately talking about passion…a lack of it. They don’t have clarity about their purpose because they don’t feel the inspiration because they don’t feel the motivation because they can’t feel the passion. And you could reverse that…because there’s little/no passion, there’s no motivation which means there’s no … Continued

By: Elvia Roe
FILED IN: Angelic Intuition Inspiration Blog
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Beliefs and an invitation…

Hello and autumn blessings, dear earth angel, One of my spiritual mentors recently said that “the brain is constantly searching for validation of its beliefs.” Good or not-so-good. Your brain (mine too) is desperately seeking to make sure its right. To view the video version of this message, click on the image below: What this means… … Continued

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[Audio] Presence Meditation

Blessed Equinox, beautiful earth angel, I was at a business retreat this past week and we spent less than 10% of our time talking about actual business stuff. Seriously, it’s true! The reason our lovely mentors did this is because it’s impossible for us to be successful in business – or any aspect of life – … Continued

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Want to be a Master? Let’s talk, just you and me ;)

Beautiful earth angel, I’m starting a new session of our Angel Communication Masters™ certification training in just a few weeks and I’m wondering if YOU are interested. If so, perhaps you’d like to chat… To give you an idea of this training, here’s the outcome I intend to create (with LOTS of help from our angel … Continued

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[Tip #5]: Your angels want to help you with EVERYTHING.

Dear sweet Rev. Elvia, This final Tip for Partnering with the Angels is one that was born from the many experiences I’ve had with people believing that the angels are “too busy with other more important things” to help in every moment of every day. First…a recap: Tip #1: Assume you are always guided. (Because you … Continued

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[Video] Messages from the Angels – September 2018

Bright blessings dear earth angel, Will it be the docks on Lake Wawasee, the stormy sky or the deep woods that bring YOU just what you need from your angel friends? I am delighted to share some photos for this month’s video messages that I took at a recent family reunion from the Land-of-Peter (my husband) – Indiana. … Continued

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[Tip #4] What separates a Master from the herd

Happy September! Wow, it’s hard to believe we’re already here. Welcome to the unofficial start of fall! 🙂 As I was beginning to think about this post, the angels whispered in preparation, “this is the most powerful tip of them all. This is the game changer. This is what makes a master…a Master.” But first…a refresher: … Continued

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[Tip #3] If it’s not a yes, it’s a no

Hello lovely! As we head into the last weekend of August, I trust your angels are treating you well and that you’re squeezing out every little drop of summertime yumminess! 🙂   Digging into Tip #3 this week of 5 Tips for Partnering with the Angels, let’s first do a brief recap because each of these … Continued

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[Tip #2] Cultivate a habit of asking…with these 5 key ingredients

Beautiful earth angel, hello! I trust your angels are treating you well and that as you have followed Tip #1: Assume your angels are always guiding you, that you’re feeling the love! And if not, that’s okay. It’s why I’m here…to teach you how to connect and feel the presence of your angels in everymoment.   … Continued

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[Tip #1 + Guided Meditation] Assume your angels are always guiding you

Bright blessings earth angels, As promised, we are amping up the angels this month. Sooooo needed with these intense energies right now! Honestly, the only way to navigate these cosmic waters is by following your guidance as closely as possible. Which makes this a perfect time to kick-off 5 Tips for Partnering with the Angels! For … Continued

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[Video] Messages from the Angels – August 2018

Happy dog days of summer, dear earth angel! We’re doing things a little differently this month. I’m sharing 3 quotes the angels have selected from my new favorite book: The Magic Power of Self-Image Psychology, by Maxwell Maltz. Which quote is carrying the message that YOU need at this time, sweet earth angel? Click HERE to … Continued

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