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Angels in the post-Doreen Virtue “Angel Therapy” era

Dear earth angel,

I have long held the mindset that “it’s all good” and while there are times I grit my teeth uttering, “I know angels! It’s all good!” I’ve found it to be a very freeing way to live. It gives space for the gifts in everything that life has to offer.

When we quickly reject what’s showing up in our lives, we usually toss away the lesson, the opportunities that are right there for us. In the ego’s efforts to protect us, we assume that if it hurts and sucks at first glance, then it all hurts and sucks. But it doesn’t. Not at all, at least in my experience.

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So with Doreen Virtue’s change of heart and ongoing decision to embrace Christianity and denounce her prior teaching and way of life – yes, there may be pain for some, but there are also gifts for all of us who are “left behind”.

I really do trust that her decision was an aligned one that gives us opportunity. And by maintaining a non-judgemental mindset around the situation, we can objectively see and understand what that gift may be.

The world is evolving at light speed. Consciousness is bursting into a new realm of awareness. Outdated belief systems – in many areas – are falling to the wayside.

Angels as we have commonly known them, are changing too. Well, not the angels themselves, but our relationship and understanding of them.

To make my points clear here, I need to get a little sciency for a moment. The chatter around Quantum Physics has grown exponentially in the past decades. In many ways, it seems totally “out there” and as crazy as “the world is round” seemed back in the 1400’s.

However, what Quantum Physics explains for us in the simplest terms, is two things:

  • We are still learning how the Universe ticks. Through Quantum Physics we now know that millions of neutrinos are passing through us in every moment. While this is a scientific fact, it’s a mystery in the world of science what all this energy moving through us exactly does. In the world of Human Design, we see it providing a blueprint of our human bodies…but this is not science, yet. So we are being invited to let go of assumptions and be open to new understanding as science and spirituality grow more closely together.
  • There is a field of energy that connects us all and taps us into more power than we ever imagined possible before. There is more and more evidence demonstrating that our every thought, decision and feeling is impacting this field of energy in bigger ways than most of us can fathom. As I visualize this, the angels give me a vision of a springboard – what we put into this field (that we are a part of), comes back to us in spades.

At a high level, this is all Law of Attraction stuff in more granular detail.

So how do the angels fit into all of this?

The angels are an aspect of our highest selves. You can think of them as the part of us that connects us to the Love power aspect of this field of energy mentioned above.

The angels are the part of us who is free of fear, free of doubt, and free of limiting beliefs that keep us from being who we’re here to be and doing what we’re here to do.

In essence, the angels are us – as our purest, most evolved, most divinely connected and empowered best.

Which makes the journey with the angels so much about self-reliance as we are called to be vigilant about denying the authority of the ego and double down on our commitment to working with the angels to keep our thoughts, choices and feelings at a high vibration. (And embrace whatever healing is necessary for this to be so.)

I think of the angels as the energies that safeguard what we input into this field of pure potential. Which means that as we intend to align with them, work with them and become one with them…what we “put out” is pure (or as close as we can get in human form).

The result… what we experience and receive in turn, is abundance, joy and satisfaction on a soul level because we’re fully aligned with who we’re here to be and in harmony with the Oneness of Life.

Going back to where we started, with “it’s all good.” As we believe this, we create this.

Our angels ensure this truth and partner with us to make it happen.

Until next time…

xo Elvia

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