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Angel message from my mother… and a spoon

I’m soaking beans for chili tonight and reached for a spoon to stir them. The one I pulled out was a little buried behind some spatulas, so I had to work for it. I smiled as I realized which one – a spoon my mother used to use. In fact, it was one of her go-to utensils.

Now this may seem insignificant on the surface, but I know how the angels work. As I held that piece of stainless steal, memories flooded in, the essence of my mother surrounded me. My Maman.

Truth be told she hated cooking, so I get warm and fuzzy inside as I remember her in the kitchen. It was always a testament to how much she loved us. She diligently prepared nutritious meals every single night. Supper, she would call it.

Simple. Healthy. Good.

Baked chicken legs, steamed spinach, broiled steak, rice, salad almost every night, frozen peas and green beans, burgers, pork chops, liver, squash, not a lot of potatoes and never pasta – unless it was a birthday.

Simple. Healthy. Good.

This spoon did two things for me this morning…it delivered wonderful memories from my childhood that feel like a yummy hug to start the day. Much needed now – my mother has advanced dementia and is living in a nursing home.

Second, the spoon itself is a multi-purpose tool. It both holds things with liquid and stirs things. This is important for me to hear – sayeth the angels – because like most women, I wear many hats. I cook, I clean, I work, I care for others, etc… You know the spiel. I am multi-purpose. And that’s the way it’s meant to be. Many men too, wear many hats. This is not meant to be a feminist statement.

The angels are reminding me/us that life is always a dance between one priority and the next. As we follow our angels’ guidance and focus moment to moment as aligned, we dance this dance with grace, ease and beauty.

No need to feel overwhelmed. The angels have your back!

And… Happy Mother’s Day Maman! xoxo

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