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3 essential lessons, happening now

To view the video version of this message, click on the image below. Otherwise, read on and may these words go within you, wherever they are needed most.


Do you remember “the truth is out there” quote from The X Files? Such a classic.

Truth is an interesting concept to contemplate. Always, but especially now.

We are inundated with opinions spewing from every direction. Most people rooted in possession of what they believe is truth, have very firm beliefs. They are holding tight to this “true information”.

People are scared. What we used to know as “normal” is crumbling down around us. We want/need foundation. And if it’s not showing up easily, we create it. We make it up.

The reality of separation is living stronger than ever. Us. Them. And while we’re making some progress with social justice, it’s not an easy road ahead.

The U.S. political arena is a total shift show.

Please know…I’m not slinging judgments here about who’s right, who’s wrong…not at all.

What I’m sharing is what I’ve observed happening in the world, what I believe it means and one way that I think we can respond more intentionally (versus reactively).

I always strive to look at things in life as happening “for me”…what’s the higher purpose? What are we to be learning as a collective right now?

My opinion…what the angels are teaching us right now:

Lesson #1 – Let go of the illusion of separation and focus on what unites us.
We cannot, as Lightworkers, believe that our opinions are right and someone else’s are wrong – no matter what they are – without adding to the pain.

We are being called to take some responsibility to resolve injustices, disconnections, disharmonies and own the part of the healing that belongs to us personally.

As within, so without. We have to always have this foremost in our minds and hearts.

As within, so without.

Lesson #2 – Listen to others who have different views with a loving heart and open mind. (Or repsectfully walk away.)
I often witness feudal conversations on social media and in my circles (guessing you may too). We have become so polarized (very first chakra survivalist of us), that anyone who doesn’t agree with our view of the world, is seen as a threat.

We are being called to remember that we are all sharing this journey, so rather than hearing a battlecry, strive to listen.

We do not have to agree with everyone and everything in the world. That would be a mistake. I think sometimes Lightworkers feel they’re supposed to be the neutral voice. No.

We do, however, need to do the work to be compassionate, respectful and aligned with integrity – not just when people are reciting beliefs that echo our own, but when they are not. This is hard. Sometimes really hard. Sometimes our best action is to walk away.

When we fall away from compassion, respect and integrity, we fall away from God, Source…our angels. What I’ve learned – and is my mantra – there is always a path that aligns. This is what our angels are here to do with us, show us this path…keep us on this path. Again, not easy when so much around is moving and shaking and, literally, on fire.

The angels will guide those of us who ask for their help. So please, ask for their help.

Lesson #3 – Understand that knowing Truth is 100% an inside job.
When I’ve had clients freaking out about the news, the world situation, the strategy that always works best is to bring them back to center and presence. Breathing. Focusing not on whatever “truths are out there”, but instead on the truth that is within. The spark of Light and Love that is inherent within all of us.

There is no way we can really know what is truth and what isn’t “out there”, but we can know what is truth in the inner self. This is where the work lies…to stay focused on this inner truth (which makes lessons one and two infinitely easier!)

How do you know if you’re there…in your inner heart?

Peace. Faith. Oneness.

As I write that last sentence, a police car speeds by our house with sirens blaring. I always pay attention to what’s happening in the world around me, because there are messages from the angels in all things.

What’s it mean here? We are closing in quickly on a choice point. There is urgency in the call to action from our angels…to cultivate this peace, faith, oneness within.

I’m smirking a bit as it reminds me of one of my brother’s favorite quips, “Hurry up and relax, would you?!”

Hurry up and get peaceful. Hurry up and have faith. Hurry up and love one another. Now.

I get it. Not easy much of the time. But it’s why we’re here.

It’s why we’re here.

To be the voice of compassion and embodiment of love.

To create the experience of Oneness.

Until next time…

xo Elvia

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