"What is Angel Reading?

Adriana Tomasino
Brooklyn, NY
Email: dreemstar1@yahoo.com
About Adriana, Angel Communication Master…

Angels and their mystical world have appealed to me ever since I can remember. As a child, I always had very vivid and color-filled dreams, and on occasion, experienced visions. On one particular day, I saw Mother Mary in all her glory, clothed in a flowing gown of celestial blue and resplendent white. Although she remained silent, her outstretched arms beckoned–and I believe it was then–when I envisioned the Queen of the Angels–that I was guided to work more closely with the angelic realm.

By that time, I possessed a treasured collection of angel figurines that I believe aided me along my spiritual path as well. After having begun my studies in yoga and Reiki, eventually becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher and a Reiki Master Instructor, I returned to my ever-expanding interest in the world of angelic communication and energy. I then discovered Reverend Nina Roe’s website, and her special courses of study. Along the way, I completed both the Angel Communication Specialist™ and Angel Communication Masters programs.

In addition, I am an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor, a Crystal/Energy Healer and a Professional Seashell Reader, certified by Michelle “Shelley” Hanson, the creator and developer of the Ocean Oracle™ system.


“Adriana is an incredible reader who brings a vast knowledge of symbolism to bear on her readings. She is intuitive, insightful and gifted…. Adriana is also a wonderful listener who makes you feel heard and validated. Her gentle support is like having an angel next to you…. She is without a doubt one of the best (if not the best) readers I’ve ever had the privilege of being with.” Kala B., Illinois

“The reading I received from Adriana was nothing short of earth-shattering…. I am happy to report that the collaboration between Adriana and the seashells are a ‘match made in heaven’ and came at the perfect time and in the perfect way. (of course!) My body mind and spirit are all the better for it!” Jessica W., Western Massachusetts

It gives me great pleasure to share the healing energy and unconditional love that are inherent in both the angelic and oceanic realms by offering the following channeled readings:

Angel Card Readings (by phone): $60.00 for 1 hour.

Seashell Readings (via e-mail): Please e-mail me for further instructions.

Standard Policies:

Readings provided after payment is received in full.
Please advise of cancellation 24 hours prior to a reading, so a refund may be issued.

Lorraine Sklenar-Janos
Hopatcong, NJ
Email: lorraine@an-angelstouch.com

About Lorraine, Angel Communication Master…

As a young girl I was spiritual. I believed in God, the Saints and the Angels, and I always knew there were things I needed to explore. I found the Esoteric Sciences fascinating. I often looked at the stars and wondered what is it all about. As a young woman, from time to time, I would experience premonitions in my dreams and they would come to pass. I said to myself it had to be a coincidence, and I didn’t really give the situation another thought.

Through the years I have had Astrological charts done and studied the Tarot from time to time, this eventually led me to Angel cards. After many months of intro classes and learning what the Angels do and how they work, I had to learn more. I studied with Rev. Nina Roe from angelsteach.com and became a certified Angel Communication Specialist™. Four months later, I continued my education at Angels Teach and became a certified Angel Communication Master.

I also am a level II Reiki practitioner. I have many years of experience as a health care provider. My mission is to bring joy and healing love to all. A simple smile, a gentle touch, a sweet word of support and understanding. Love is the answer. I’ve always asked my angels, guides and creator to guide and support me in all the healing work I do. I am a humble servant and wish to bring healing love to all in mind, body and spirit.

Readings by appointment only:

$45.00 for 30 Minutes, $75.00 for 60 Minutes

Standard  Policies:

All services provided after payment in full.

Please give 24 hours advance notice of cancellation to receive a refund (less cancellation charges). Refunds on Day of reading: Half refund.  Cancellation without notice, No refund.

Lauren Schrittwieser
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Email: laurmary@comcast.net
Phone: 561-245-8134

About Lauren, Angel Communication Master…

I have always been a very spiritual person, and I remember at a very young age knowing that there was a higher presense watching over me. So I believe I started my spiritual journey the day I was born into this world. I remember always searching for answers. I was raised Catholic and I was always questioning my religion and searching for peace. I started meditating at a very young age to get away from the noise. It always left me feeling peaceful and I saw that it helped me connect to my inner world and my guides.

In 1997 I met a dear friend that introduced me to a deck of Tarot Cards and I began reading them for friends and family. Later on I did readings for money and I found that I was always
very accurate and the answers came to me quite easily. I have been told that I am an empath I
pick up feelings from others very easily, I am extremely sensitive.

In 2005 I went through a very difficult time emotionally and I was led to the Angels by a friend that told me to pick up a book called Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slater. This book opened me up to the Angels and many wonderful things started happening for me. I was then led to Angels Teach,
and Rev. Nina Roe and started signing up for classes and learned how to read the Angel cards.
I now do Angel Readings and get clear, accurate messages from the Angels. I love working with
the Angels and helping others on their spiritual path. It is my soul purpose and passion.

RATES:  Hour – $60, 30 minutes – $30

Cherie Hersperger, RM/T
Providence, Rhode Island
Email: hersperger.c@gmail.com
Phone: 401.688.1468

About Cherie, Angel Communication Master…

Through the years I have had several Earth Angel experiences which kept confirming for me that the angelic realm will appear and help us from time to time. As far back as I can remember I had a connection and an interest in angels.

As my life was continuing as I thought it was suppose to, in a corporate position with a wonderful family, in 2005 I had a traumatic occurrence in my life that stopped all that I knew was my life. Through the next two difficult years, I began to realize that this was the time that I needed to discover what I was meant to do; what was divinely meant to be. With much help from the angels leading me I started a very conscious spiritual journey making connections with many different resources that eventually lead me to Angels Teach and from there I haven’t stopped. I am now a certified Angel Communication Master and have begun my studies in the Angelic Life Coaching program. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and will soon begin my studies in holistic medicine.

Though I am very much a part of Angels Teach I also have started my own business Time For You. In both settings, I am so blessed to be able to lovingly guide individuals in a portion of their spiritual journey. Since these readings come from the angels they are loving, comforting and accurate. Knowing the angels are by your side, you to will understand and create your divine purpose. I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

Readings by appointment (in person or by phone):
60 minute session – $50; 30 minute session – $25 Please visit my website for all services and standard policies.

Taunton, Massachusetts
Email: TheAngelicMuse@aol.com
Phone: 508.821.8294

About Angelica, Angel Communication Master…

I was born into a family of very intuitive women, and learned from an early age that I had a natural affinity to the Angelic Realm.,-an intuitive knowledge that there are unseen energies touching this “reality”. I tuned into them easily, though I didn’t understand the dynamics of it all. I was a child and just accepted it for what it was. Natural.

As I grew older, ..I would sometimes get “gut feelings” about disturbing things, (such as predicting the deaths of people and pets), and I tried to suppress them. But many “messages” continued to come to me in my dreams, particularly from loved one’s who have passed. It took me many years to trust that my “intuitive messages” , both good and bad, were there to guide and teach me.

Also, in my personal and professional dealings with the processes of death and dying, it came full circle. I can testify that dying people often see and speak to deceased loved ones when they are near death. People also see and may describe seeing an “Angelic ” being/beings, and they will seem totally in awe of the brightness and beauty of this vision. And it brings them “Peace”.

These experiences only reaffirmed my beliefs, and I have since relearned to openly communicate with the Angels , and interpret their loving guidance for myself and others. Angel readings are the perfect way to connect and receive angelic guidance. I am also a Second Degree Reiki Practitioner.

For RATES and Standard Policy information, please visit my website…

Carol Harris
Rosemont, Minnesota
Email: carolharris@charter.net
About Carol, Angel Communication Master…

My adult life, up to now, has been spent in Corporate America specializing in process improvement and organizational development. I have always enjoyed working with people not only to accomplish results, but also at a deeper level to assist them in becoming who they want to be. Now I have started my new journey in the Company of Angels.

I am a spiritual person and the last 10 years in particular brought me to a deeper realization of the beings all around us. They guide my path, watch over me and my loved ones, and continue to help bring peace and healing to this wonderful planet of ours. Over the years I have had some interesting experiences with angels especially while traveling by car across the country and being in nature. I don’t leave home without them!

As a certified life coach, my angel reading certification and ongoing training with AngelsTeach, I help people become their own “archeologist” as we work together with the angels to re-discover dreams perhaps left behind, forgotten, or filed away, in the mad rush to be successful.

RATES: $35/30 minutes, $60/hour

Jana Bozonova
Las Vegas, Nevada
Email: janabo11@aol.com
Phone: 702.415.4414

About Jana, Angel Communication Master…

Only one year after finishing college and working in the corporate world, I started to feel unfulfilled even though I had a job I liked. Something inside of me was telling me that this is not where I’m supposed to be and that’s when my spiritual journey and learning about angels began. I have been always very intuitive, so I just somehow knew that my life purpose would involve helping others on a personal level because that’s what makes me happy and feeling fulfilled.

I was looking for some guidance from someone who could tell me why I felt the way I did, what work would make me happy, and what path I should be on. And who could answer my questions better than angels, since they are always around us, protect us, hold no judgment, always want only the best for us, and always know how we truly feel and what’s going on in our lives.

I wanted to feel closer to angels, be able to communicate with them and use the gifts I have to help others. My friend told me about AngelsTeach and after becoming an Angel Communication Master, my connection with the angels has become so much deeper. The messages I receive are clear and accurate and it just feels so natural doing the readings.

By letting angels into my life and trusting their guidance, they showed me the path I’m on right now, the path of the Light Worker, which makes my life feel so much richer and fulfilling.

I’m also a Reiki Master/Teacher and a certified Medium.

RATES: 15 min $25; 30 min $40; and 60 min $60
Readings can be done in English or Slovak/Czech.

Jessica Andrews
San Diego, California
Email: crowhavenwitch@gmail.com

About Jessica, Angel Communication Master…

Jessica Andrews, who often works under the name Rowan Pendragon, has been working with the public as a healer and reader since 1998 and gains great joy from helping others find healing and happiness in their lives.

Jessica began her spiritual journey at age 11 when she discovered the spiritual path of Wicca and has since spent her life studying Paganism, Wicca, and New Age spirituality. She has always had a strong connection to the “other side” and has known she’s possessed the gift of sight since she was around 14. In college Jessica began to use her abilities actively and began to focus on growing those skills and connections as she grew with her spiritual path.

In 2007, after several years of having constant synchronistic experiences with the angels, an interview with an angel reader on a television program awakened Jessica to what she was really experiencing with these encounters. She began reading books on angel healing and was gifted a deck of angel cards out of the blue which sealed the deal for her.

Jessica is a certified Angel Communication Master through AngelsTeach. She is also a certified Tarot Consultant, certified crystal healer, a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and has been certified in about 20 other healing modalities. Jessica is also a writer working within the subjects of metaphysics, new age beliefs, and Paganism.

Jessica can be found online at her website www.rowanpendragon.com or through her blog, One Witch’s Way, located at www.onewitchsway.com.

Lori Thiel
Houston, Texas
Email: lorijcruz@aol.com

About Lori Thiel, Angel Communication Master…

I realized as a very small child that there were others living among us. There were many times that I would pray for things with all my heart and within a short time frame these things would come true. Maybe not exactly as I had prayed for, but in a much better way than I could have imagined. I knew at this point that someone was listening and working with me to fulfill what I held dear to my heart.

As I grew up, I began to realize that I knew things before they would happen; I would sense people before they arrived or before the phone would ring. I heard a conversation before it actually took place. I saw spots of colors in my vision field, only to look directly at them and they were gone. I had a very strong feeling that someone was always around me. I prayed for understanding and signs that they truly do exist. One night as I slept I was visited by an angel. Other nights I was visited by gnomes and very small fairies. I was intrigued with finding out what this was all about.

As I began to focus on the things that were happening around me, it became more apparent that there truly were angles at work in our daily lives and I wanted to become more involved and educated. I began my journey and education with Doreen Virtue. From there I attended metaphysical classes and became a licensed Reiki Master. The more I learned, the more I needed to know. One day my Angels guided me to Angles Teach. Angels Teach has taught me how to better utilize a gift that god has given to all of us. I became a certified Angel Communication Specialist and as of late an Angels Communication Master. Communicating with the Angles is a life long journey.

Each days dawns with a whole new beginning. My life has been forever changed by accepting and acknowledging that angels really do live among us and are just waiting for us to invite them into our daily lives. Through training, education and working closely with my angels, I have been blessed with the ability to help touch the lives of people that are guided to me. We have all been given a very special gift, but it truly up to us what we do with it. With each new day, I look forward to working with my angels and helping those that arrive in my path as I travel on this journey.

Angel Blessings

Donna Cantone
Marlton, New Jersey
Email: pdc.cant@comcast.net
Phone: 856-596-9135

About Donna Cantone, Angel Communication Master…

: I have always been a spiritual person. As a child I knew what was about to happen before it occurred so I began to trust my instinct. When my husband & I wanted to start a family, it was a difficult time. Looking back, I know we were divinely guided to adopt our daughter from China. We had very little information – talk about having faith! I trusted all would be well and we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby who is a teenager today!

Over the years I’ve had beautiful experiences with angels. As I became more open spiritually, I had to learn more. The angels who have been talking to me my whole life have guided me on my very clear path. I am determined to help others heal in every way possible! I am certified as: Angel Healing Practitioner®, Angel Communication Specialist™, Angel Communication Master®, and I‘m proudly working towards my certification for Angelic Life Coach®. I’m anticipating a future teaching career with AngelsTeach because I love the community! I am passionate about angels & would love to assist you with a master card reading. My clients find them so comforting. The Fair energy exchange for my readings: $45 for 30 minutes and $68 for a 1 hour reading. I’m also offering Angelic Life Coach® sessions including Emotional Freedom Techniques® at $75 per hour.

Please visit my website for more details and special rates. I look forward to helping you on your spiritual journey!

Deborah Knox
Goffstown, New Hampshire
Email: deardeborah@ymail.com

About Deborah, Angel Communication Master…

Parenting our children, parenting ourselves…

“See the world through the eyes of a child…” – Ever wish that you could aspire to this?

What many of us do not realize is that we already do. Whether consciously – through seemingly fleeting moments of relating to our children, or unconsciously – through our own experiences from childhood – this is indeed how we view the world. It is paradoxical that this very notion many of us aspire to is often times the same one that holds us back. It is a process of awakening –one that begins with awareness.

With a little (OK a lot) of help from the Angels and my own experience, strength and hope, I can accompany you along your own unique parenting path. Awareness is knowledge and knowledge is power!


The real beginning of my own spiritual awakening came with the birth of my son. I knew from the moment I saw him that my life would be changed forever. He cried almost non-stop for the first three months of his life, sending any and all conventional “wisdom” out the window. Nothing anyone suggested I do ever felt right to me – or worked, for that matter – leaving me no choice but to surrender.

I slowly began listening to my “gut”, and watched in amazement as a whole new world of holistic wellness and spirituality unfolded before me. Little by little, I began to discover that I was not alone, and found support for my “crazy” parenting philosophies, which I like to sum up as the radical practice of trusting myself.

Today, I have been blessed to be the guide for two beautiful Indigo and Crystal souls, who enrich my life in countless ways and teach me more and more about myself everyday. They continue to remind me that there is only one real truth: that of unconditional love.

As an Indigo myself, I am here to defy that conventional “wisdom” that many of us are expected to follow. I was born to speak my truth and follow my heart. Unfortunately – though not uniquely – I was conditioned otherwise from the start, and at 38, I am only now beginning to remember why I am here. We are all on the same journey – aspiring to continue to learn and to grow, becoming more and more of our authentic selves… Won’t you join me?

Rates: By email – one card reading $24, three card reading $47

Melody Goldbe
Sunny Florida
Email: 1angelcoach@gmail.com
Phone: 407-873-2472

About Melody, Angel Communication Master™…

Happy Day Everyone! So glad you are here.

Ever desire someone to talk with, listen to you and cheer you on?
Looking for answers or another set of eyes/ears to assist?
Desire someone that understands your sensitivity and respects your privacy?
Well today is your lucky day!

Meet “Melody the Magnificent”, the person who understands what it’s like to be in the corporate world as well as the holistic world, believes in angels, and loves football, dogs, magic, miracles and laughter!

I will be your Personal Cheerleader and help to bring out the Magnificent in YOU and the magic in your life. Allow me to help you discover your true potential…

My magic hat includes the following tricks: Fabulous, fun-loving Angel Readings, Biofeedback, Chakra Balancing, Hypnosis,
Life Coaching, Meditations, Mediumship, Reiki Healing, Reflexology, Laughter Yoga and Hatha Yoga.

You found this site for a reason… so call today 407-873-2472 or email me at 1angelcoach@gmail.com to schedule a session
personally tailored to you.

All sessions are done at your convenience, over the telephone.
10 min session – $10.00
30 min session – $30.00
60 min session – $60.00

Looking forward to hearing from you soon to get you started on living the life you desire!

Love, Angel Hugs & Blessings,
“Your Angel Cheerleader”

Carolyn McGee
Ashland, MA
Email: carolyn@carolynmcgee.com

About Carolyn, Angel Communication Master™…

I am a strong intuitive that didn’t trust the guidance I was given for many years. I put other’s needs first and lost myself for awhile. I reconnected with my authentic self and have developed a strong faith in myself and my angels. I have learned from every experience and relationship and trust my ability to find the hidden gift in the challenging ones.

I love helping others to discover the joy of believing in themselves and connecting with the angels. I work in partnership with the angels to help people uncover their true passion, connect with their inner radiance and follow the path of their life purpose. If you are ready to take back your power and create balance in your life, perhaps the angels and I can help you.

I am also a Reiki Master and working to complete my Angelic Life Coach® certification with AngelsTeach.

Angel Card Readings: $65.00 for 1 hour, $40.00 for 30 minutes

Standard Policies:
Readings provided after payment is received in full.
Full refund for readings cancelled with 24 hours notice.

Nick Dellacava
Derry, NH

About Nick, Angel Communication Master…

My name is Nick Dellacava. My goal is to help you enhance your intuitive, spiritual, personal and professional experiences and abilities. In a non-denominational way, I teach you how to fish so to speak. It is by helping yourself, by conscious decisions and self empowerment that you embark on a fruitful journey back to your soul.

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

I believe our journey continues with our birth here on earth and does not end when our soul leaves this earth. I always knew there was more to this life than what I was taught. It was this “inner knowing” that protected me as a child. That same knowledge continued to guide me as I grew from child to adolescent to adult. As an adult I then allowed myself to seek an understanding of things beyond illusion.

God is my compass. I am blessed with a strong sense of faith, a soul mate and wonderful children. They are my fire, my water, my earth and my wind. Through them I came to understand that we are both teacher and student. The result of one of those moments as their student presented me a path that, when taken, forever changed and directed my journey.

Since that moment I have been introduced to many astonishing teachers and many wonderful students who have enriched my life tremendously. It is because of God, these wonderful souls, and the sacred contracts we established between us that I find my place, communicating with God and the Angels.

It is without a doubt that part of my divine purpose is to help others along their journey. As a light worker among many light workers, part of my purpose as I continue to walk my path is to provide insight, guidance and support to those who are directed to ask.

Buddha said, “The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.”

I offer you my own thoughts and guidance. Listen to your heart for it is there where you will find your soul and be directed back to God.

For rates and services, please visit my website.

May God’s Light, Love and Grace be with you,
Nick Dellacava

Maria Chavez
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Email: Angelmessages2day@yahoo.com
Phone: 203-583-4089

About Maria, Angel Communication Master…

Spiritual counselor, intuitive coach and healer, my passion for spirituality started since I can remember. I knew things before they happened and sensed beings not perceived by the naked human perception. I have been on a constant journey to learn and heal through various techniques whether through forms of Reiki, angel therapy and conscious breathing. My fulfillment comes from guiding others from a place of fear and doubt to a place of peace and certainty. I am a believer that true healing happens when an individual is willing to face the truth and take action. I work by honoring that each individual will heal at the pace they feel most safe in and that each individual needs different aspects of spirit.

RATES: $45/30 minutes, $55/hour

Sandy Gambone
Framingham, Massachusetts
Email: sandy@wingsandpurrs.com

About Sandy, Angel Communication Master…

I’d always been a logical person. I majored in mathematics in college and became a computer programmer. Yet as time went on, something was missing.

When my mother died in 1995, a friend loaned me a book by a medium who communicates with the deceased. It comforted me to learn that our spirit or soul does not die and to know that meant that my mother was OK and happy ‘on the other side’. I read books on developing intuition and psychic abilities, and I read a few books on angels. The way the books described to develop those abilities or connect with the angels seemed overly complicated, and I didn’t stick with the practices. But I needed a connection with ‘up there’ so I kept searching.

I came across a one-day psychic development course, took that, and learned that the angel that was guiding me was Raphael. I didn’t know anything about him, but when I got home and looked him up I felt so happy to learn he is the Archangel of healing and healers, as I was studying Reiki at the time.

The angels surely guided me to the AngelsTeach website. When I read about the courses I knew this was for me. I took the Angel Communication Specialist course. The course really opened me to receiving messages from the angels. Then I felt the angels guiding me to take the Masters class, too. I hadn’t planned on it, but I followed the guidance I received and asked about signing up, thinking that surely it must be full, but there were 2 spots left. That course was another wonderful experience and further increased my ability and self-confidence in receiving the angels’ messages.

I offer angel card readings to give you the loving guidance from the angelic realm in order to help you in your life journey. Currently my schedule is a bit irregular, so I’m offering readings by email. Send me your question and I will email you your reading.

RATES: $20 for a one-question reading

Rev. Anne Kersnowski, RN
Wayne, NJ
Email: akersnowski@optonline.net
Phone: 973.694.1065
About Rev. Anne, Angel Communication Master…

As a child I knew that there was something more than the physical realm. As life took over I forgot and lived in a lot of physical and emotional pain. At thirty, I became bedridden. Being a Registered Nurse, I thought I would be supported by the system. I was looking outside for the answer. Slowly I came to realize that it was all inside of me and started on my healing journey. I was opened to a new world, helping me to see that I didn’t need to stay stuck. I could actually be transformed by these gifts and share them with others.

Through grace, I became a Master in Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki and Seichem, an Integrated Energy Therapy(R) Master Instructor, Reflexologist, EFT(R) Advanced Practitioner, AngelLinks(tm) Registered Facilitator and Ordained through the Sanctuary of the Beloved, as well as a Certified Angel Communication Master with

As the journey continues, angel communication has become an integral part of my life. This process has given me great insight that is so supportive and nurturing.
I deliver the angels messages with confidence and love. Encouraging others to take action to empower themselves. I am a passionate communicator, healer and teacher reflecting heart centered connectiveness.

Rates: $45/30 minutes, $75/1 hour

All services provided after payment in full.
Please give 24 hours advance notice of cancellation to receive a refund. Refunds on Day of reading: Half refund. Cancellation without notice, No refund.

Kristin Marie Rodriguez
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Email: krodr4r@hotmail.com

About Kristin…

I’m a Spiritual Life Coach, Angel Communication Specialist, Reiki Master, & Teacher. My mission is to help people, as well as animals, of all ages who are in need of guidance and/ or spiritual healing. My intentions include the following: Give you more Clarity regarding an area in your life, Share insights and Divine Guidance with you toward the right direction, action steps that you should take and recommendations to improve yourself, help heal and empower you to move forward in your life, and help you connect to your Spirit, Angels, Guides, and Loved Ones.

My Spiritual journey: I’ve always had a love for the Metaphysics for as long as I can remember. But, I would have to say, that I became more spiritual in 2005. During that year, I experienced a pregnancy loss, in which I was seeking to become more spiritual through great healing. So, in 2006, I first went on my healing journey and began learning about Reiki. Since then, I have gained certification in all three levels of Reiki, and I’m proud to say I’m a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. I also fell in love with the Angels around this time and began reading and listening to Doreen Virtue’s teachings.

I would love to assist you in any way I can. Please feel free to visit my link.
Angel Blessings, Kristin Marie Rodriguez

Specialties: Angel Readings, Intuitive Readings, Aura Readings, Pet Readings, Reiki sessions, Mediumship, Chakra balancing, Past life Reading, Reiki Courses, etc.
E-mail Readings: price vary form $3.50-65.00
Phone Readings: $40 for 30 minutes, $80 for one hour.

Amber Grey
Charlotte, NC
Email: Amber444@carolina.rr.com

About Amber Grey, Angel Communication Specialist™…

The mystical, magical Deep South. Steeped in mystery…anything from the angelic Gray Man who protects beachfront homes from hurricanes, Alice who wants her wedding ring back, the Wails of the Hangman’s Tree, folk magick called ‘Root’, Dr. Buzzard, and the practice of white magick… Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island, Georgetown, Charleston, Hilton Head… are all richly South Carolina. These are the places that I know as “home”.

Born into a family rich in tradition, folklore and undiluted faith in the “unseen”, since childhood I’ve experienced vivid dreams with a deep sense of ‘knowing’. My first memorable experience occurred when I was eight. I dreamt my pet hamster, which was caged in an outside storage room, met a little black mouse that asked why it couldn’t come out and play. In the dream, the mouse volunteered to help my hamster push the water bottle out of the way so it could come outside. When I awoke the next morning, I immediately ran outside to check on my hamster, convinced that it was gone. Sure enough…the water bottle had fallen in and my hamster was nowhere in sight. I was heartbroken.

Over the years I’ve developed a language of knowing. Recently, I’ve made a conscious effort to understand “the knowing” and how to develop it further. Finally, I thought to “ask” Heaven for the understanding and authority to wield my gifts. And it was “given”.

Your Soul’s Potential – $20.00
Relationship Therapy – $15.00
Angel Reading – $15.00
Animal Wisdom- $15.00

PLEASE NOTE: Payments should be made via PayPal.com to Amber Grey prior to readings. All readings are conducted via email upon full receipt of payment. Please allow 48 hours for delivery. NO REFUNDS.

Lauren Kay
Houston, TX
Email: angeliconnect@aol.com
Phone: 832.413.1747

About Lauren…

I have always been open to receiving visitation and communication from the Angelic Realm, and have known at a young age that God and the angels have always surrounded me and spoken to me in my heart.

After experiencing many acts of cruelty and various forms of abuse throughout my life, I have always known that God’s light and the healing presence of the angels were the strength to get me through. I firmly believe that all I have endured was part of my personal journey with a greater purpose to fulfill in order to be able to channel the wisdom received through angelic guidance and in turn be a blessing and compassionate source of healing for others.

 For rates and policies, please visit website: www.angeliconnect.hostei.com


The following poem I had written at age 18, whilst searching for my purpose and was guided to write what I feel is prophetic of my journey in this world that inevitably brought me here to be a source of love and solace for you.

 A Flowering of the Divine

The seed nestled deep within the confines of her heart,

For love and for peace constantly yearning for its start,

To spring forth and flourish exposing such bounteous beauty held within,

To outreach all inhibitors, holding captive the seedling, immersed in the darkness of doubt and the confines of ignorant sin,

To flower a new life and at long last begin…

All within the eyes of He, who sprinkles the soul with necessary seeds, showers them with love so complete, oxygenates them in fruitful faith to flourish as was meant to be.

Her seed prevailed indefinitely. Its blooms of justice sang songs of divination, aromatic procreation.

What started as a simple seed, grew to bear fruits of a life now complete.

Kathy Green
Kettering, Ohio USA
Email: Katnipprn@aol.com
Phone: 937.361.3742

About Kathy…

Kathy is a mastered prepared Registered Nurse with 29 years of experience in Holistic Health. She is a Medical Intuitive and Bio-energy Therapy Specialist. Kathy is trained in Healing Touch, Polarity Therapy, Reike, Foot Reflexology and is an Integrative Health Coach. When Kathy was 21 she had an angelic experience that changed her life. Angels exist and surround us at all times keeping us safe. The angels send us messages daily moment to moment if we just listen. Kathy is available to provide you with spiritual guidance until 10 pm Eastern Standard Time.

RATES: $45.00 per hour or $30.00 for 1/2 hour

Amy Barilla
Las Vegas, Nevada
Email: amy@thereikigal.com
Phone: 702.875.2967

About Amy…

Many people ask how I became involved with Reiki and the Angelic realm. It was after my Dad was diagnosed with cancer that I began my Reiki journey. During that time, it drew me closer to helping those touched by cancer. I’m happy to report that he is currently in remission!  I also became an Ordained Minister through Universal Life Church (2007). 

Connecting with the Angelic realm through my studies at Angels Teach has deepened my ability to channel messages of Love & Light from the Angels. It has also made my life purpose abundantly clear. In April 2009, I began a 12 month Doctor of Divinity program with an emphasis on Pastoral Counseling. This will complete the circle and will allow me to counsel from a holistic and spiritual perspective.

I am a girl on a mission! Reiki has given me such a profound sense of peace and the ability to “not sweat the small stuff”. I have found great joy in teaching and showing others the wonderful things Reiki & the Angelic realm can offer. Reiki has enriched my life…and I know it can enrich your life, too! I am deeply honored and grateful to those who place their trust,confidence and faith in me as their practitioner and/or instructor.

A proud New Yorker, I have been living in Las Vegas since 1997. Happily married and enjoying this journey!!

RATES:  $50/hour session-single & $65/couples hour session

Shelly Green
Burlington, MA
Email: innerbeautee@hotmail.com
Phone: 781.365.0891

About Shelly…

As a young child I always knew there was something more to life than what was seen with the physical eye. I would imagine that I could speak and makes things happen. Often times I did. I had the ability to know when a song was going to play on the radio before it did or if someone was going to call before they actually called.

At the age of 10, I had a breath taking experience. The day before my grandmother passed I was in my room making an Easter card for her. I heard a noise on the stairs and looked up to see if it were the cat playing. Nothing was there. I heard the noise again. This time I ignored it. I got the feeling that someone was looking at me and I looked up, only to see a large, peaceful, white flowing figure standing in the hallway. The figure turned towards me, then towards my parent’s room, back towards me then gracefully glided into bathroom and disappeared.

Early the next morning we got news that my grandmother had passed. I knew she was ok because she was with the large graceful figure that I had seen the day before. She was with an Angel.

Over the years I have opened up myself more to spirituality and daily communication with the angels. Today as a Certified Angel Reader I’ve helped to loving guide people in areas such as health, romance, family life and Mother’s to embrace their true beauty and power.

I am also happily married to my dear friend of 15 years. I am mother of a jubilant 2 year old boy and a warm 11 weeks old baby boy. Along with the angels, becoming a wife and mother has taught me that not only do I have power to do what my heart desires but I can conquer anything I put my mind to. So can you!

RATES: $40/15 minutes, $60/45 minutes, $75/1 hour

Please give 24 hours notice cancellation

Donna Devens
North Attleboro, Massachusetts
Email: gemini_angels@verizon.net

About Donna…

10 years ago, I started on a very conscious spiritual path that began with the study of angels from the various resources of Doreen Virtue, Angela McGerr and Sylvia Browne. Over the years, my studies expanded to other spiritual teachers and their messages, such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Myss, and Eckhart Tolle, among others.  I recently came back to my study of the angels with AngelsTeach.

This experience opened me up to the awesome energy and creativity that is created as a result of practicing with “likeminded” souls.  I am in “awe” of the healing that is created when we connect with each other and share on a “soul” level.   I am never more alive, than when I am using my abilities to channel the angel’s messages for the purpose of serving not only myself, but others. 

With Archangel Michael always by my side, and the energy of many angels and ascended masters of all faiths nearby, I can help guide you to setting your intent and bringing the messages meant for you, closer to your soul, with the goal of helping you live more actively in your soul, “compassion”, in a physical world that doesn’t necessarily honor that enough. 

RATES: $40/hour or $25/3o minutes

Christina South
Little Rock, Arkansas
Email: info@livingyourspirit.net
Phone: 501-574-4181

About Christina…

Are you ready to receive divine guidance from the Angels?

Just as we have our family and friends who love us and help us on our path, so our Divine support team guides us throughout life. Our Guardian Angels, Archangels, and guides are ready to assist us whenever we ask.  Your Divine support team wants you to know that they are with you, and will offer validation through an intuitive reading. Your divine team also want you to learn how to ask for help, and trust the guidance that you receive. Working with your Divine Team brings a magical quality to your life, and allows you to live a life of joy. During your reading we will tune into these beautiful Divine energies to help you receive guidance, insights, and healing.

Before each reading, Christina asks to receive only what is in the highest good for you. During your reading, Christina will receive information as images, hear and also feel the information, then describe to you what she receives. Depending upon the question, she will show you where you are at present, how you got there, and what will likely manifest in the future. It is important to remember that you always have choice and free will regarding any situation. The outcome is not set in stone so sometimes you may not receive answers to all your questions if it will hinder your growth.  The most important thing to remember is good reading will confirm what you already know. My goal is help you feel empowered and inspire you to move through your struggles so you can live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

“My reading with Christina was a gift from a dear friend. I cannot think of a better gift to give someone. The overall message that I received was that I Am Protected, All is Well. Along with my personalized reading, Christina coached me on things that I could do to improve my life, help me with my meditation practice, and things I could do to help move me along on my spiritual journey. I loved talking with Christina…..our conversation was one of ease and fun—like that of old friends. She was not a clock watcher, she gave me her undivided attention, and I was not limited to a specific number of questions. Christina shares her gifts and special insights with warmth and sensitivity. She is a very talented LIGHT WORKER. You will love her!” Marianna M., Colorado

Investment for your reading: 15 minutes-$49, 30 minutes-$97

In case you need to cancel your session please give 24-hour notice by calling 501-574-4181. If you do not show up for your session, and have not given 24-hours notice no refunds will be given.