Holiday Gifts with the Angels

Dear earth angels!

I am delighted to announce some AMAZING holiday gift offerings from some wonderful earth angels I have had the honor and pleasure of teaching.

Each one of these offerings is as unique as the angel providing it. Whether you wish to focus on forgiveness, weight loss, meditation, seashells, inner radiance or knowing why your cat has chosen to be with you at this time, there is quite an array of gifts here!

If you have been searching for a holiday present for a loved one, perhaps one of these glimmering gifts will appeal to you…a gift from the angels!

Or maybe, you need a little something this holiday season?!!

Stroll through these listings and see which ones draw you in.

Enjoy your meanderings!

All offers good through December 31, 2010.


Clearing and Healing, an Angelic Coaching Session Holiday Bonus
with Dawn Simpson, AngelsTeach Teacher & Angelic Life Coach®

Give the gift of healing this holiday season!

Are you or your loved ones ready to end this year and begin anew by healing and transforming your inner and outer self?

I have worked with many earth angels to help them understand and work through forgiveness with my Angelic Life Coaching and also as a radio show host.

Buy one, get one!
~Purchase one Angelic Life Coaching 15 min reading for $25, get 15 min F*R*E*E ($25 savings!)

~Purchase one 1 hour session for $75, get 1 hour F*R*E*E($75 savings!)

~Purchase one 3-card Email reading for $15, get an additional one for F*R*E*E

EFT® (Emotional Freedom Techniques®), Reiki, custom healing meditations and music from my angel harp may be used in your sessions.

Healing and living with freedom may be the best resolution you ever make!

For questions or appointments, please email me at or visit me online at

Many Blessings of love and light
For the Cat Lovers in Your Life!…A Life Purrrpose Reading,
by Sandy Stearns Gambone, Angel Communication Master

How is your cat feeling this holiday season?

Did you know that cats can take on our stress?

Did you know that your cat has a purpose in being with you?

Help your feline be relaxed and purring during the busy holidays, and learn what the lesson is that he/she is here to teach you.

Distance Reiki session and an angel card reading for your cat at a special holiday rate Reiki is a Japanese healing energy technique that can help physical or emotional issues.

The word Reiki translates into universal life energy. It is ideal for animals because it does not require hands-on contact, and it is gentle and non-invasive. Cats are very in-tune to Reiki energy. Reiki is just as effective by distance as it is hands-on.

Regular price for a 30 minute distant Reiki session for your cat is $30, now get one for $15 and you will also receive an email angel reading on your cat’s purrrpose! $10 for each additional pet.

To purchase this offer, please send an email with your cat’s info (name, gender, age, breed), a picture if you have one and general location to



An Angelic “Potpourri”
A Meditation and Angel Reading Designed Just for You!

by Barbara Andrew, AngelsTeach Teacher & Angelic Life Coach®

We live in changing times and sometimes we need to feel as if someone, somewhere hears us.

The angels tell me that you might like to know they’re listening and that they are here to help you heal on all levels, to support and encourage you on the journey. And so I’m offering a “potpourri of healing” – a little taste of this and that “designed” just for you.

First, we’ll talk a bit about you and what your intentions for our time together are and then I’ll do a 1 to 3 card angel reading that will provide you with some insight as to what your angels want you to know. And then finally I’ll record a meditation for you that you’ll be able to isten to on an ongoing basis. The meditation will be just for you, from your angels and will included words and phrases that are meant to heal and support you.

Here’s a sample meditation I’ve created to give you a nibble…

What could be a nicer gift, a gift just for you?

This is a special introductory offer and includes ongoing access to your personal healing angelic recording, a card reading and a session that will last for 45 to 60 minutes depending on the message that your angels want you to hear. And for this moment, the angelic price is only $50.

I hope you’ll join me and your angels on the adventure. It will be such fun!

Email me at to schedule your session!

Golden Blessings,

Inner Radiance Phone Reading

with Carolyn McGee, Angel Communication Master

Are you always putting other’s needs first?

Are you the last person you take care of?

Are the lines between you and those you care for blurred?

If you are ready to take back your power and create balance in your life, perhaps the angels and I can help you.

Regularly a $40.00 value, my holiday special is a 30-minute angel reading by phone for $15.00.

I am an Angel Communication Master, Reiki Master and an intuitive healer. I work in partnership with the angels to help people uncover their true passion, connect with their inner power and follow the path of their life purpose.

Please email me at to set up your reading or to get a gift certificate for a friend or loved one.

I look forward to helping you connect with your angels and inner radiance.
Angel Seashell Reading
with Adriana Tomasino, Angel Communication Master

During this glorious season of thankfulness and joy, I would like to offer a combined Angel/Seashell Reading.

The Heaven Seas Special!
One hour for just $44!

Please contact me via the following e-mail for details:

Many blessings for a happy and healthy holiday, and a wondrous New Year!
Celebrate the Season the AngelsTalks Way!
with Renee Ehrlich, Angelic Life Coach® & Angel Communication Master

Angels Talk to Renee! Find out What your Angels Say!

Just in Time for the Holidays! Receive your Holiday reading from your own Angels direct from the Angelic Realm, with Renee

Find out the special message the Angels have for you this Holiday Season about your Career, Relationships, and Health!

Get 20 minutes for only $22.00!

To take advantage of this offer, please follow this link to talk to your Angels Now!
New Year/New You …. Resolutions You Can Keep

with Marianne Chandler, Dean of Students, AngelsTeach Teacher & Angelic Life Coach®

The new year is a time of renewal and a clean slate. Its a time when we vow to let go of bad habits and things that no longer serve us and replace it with more productive things.

Beginning in January Rev. Nina and I will be leading a monthly circle for Living with the Angels™ Silver & Gold Halo members, entitled Love Your Body. In honor of that I would like to offer you a 30-minute phone reading with the intention of determining one or two action steps you can take to stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions, as it relates to loving your body or any other resolution you may want to keep in 2011.

The angels will guide you on small, consistent efforts that you can make that will make the difference to successfully sticking with your resolutins beyond the 1st week of January! For those who want to have a support system in place to ensure that this is your best year yet, multiple session packages are available as well.

One 30-minute session: $25 (a $15 savings off usual rates)

Three 30-minute sessions: $70 (a total savings of $50 off usual rates)

Six 30-minute sessions: $120 (a total savings of $120 off usual rates)

To book your New Year/New You package, email me at:

Blessings for peace, joy, happiness and abundance!

Enjoy angels!! <3