Online Membership community

We all need that place…
that special place where we belong.
Where we can explore.
Where we can learn.
Where we can be ourselves without judgment.
Where we can connect spiritually with others who understand and support us – no matter what.
A place where we feel at home.

Within our Living with the Angels membership, there is no expectation, no dogma. Just love and a common desire to reach for the best by partnering with the angels and committing to divine guidance.

Communities like this are rare in our world. Where we can be free, truly free. Where we can express, connect and be One with love.

Our people say it best. from the heart…

Gena, our Living with the Angels™ Fairy Godmother based in Paris

“Living with the Angels is a way of life. Through the community, you get a great support team for both bumpy and blissful times. Sharpening angelic guidance or intuition gives life an added dimension. I find being with like minds also raises vibrations so that we all become better at being us. I have loved being a part of this big family, making contacts, learning, having fun and always growing and evolving. There is much we offer; and you get as much as you give. 😉 It is a human community and a community of sharing. I hope you will join us.”

Jamie, our Living with the Angels™ Administrator and Human Design Columnist from Maryland

“This community is beyond what I could have ever hoped or wished for. I can honestly tell you this community is pure love and pure power! I have never seen such an intimate group of people from around the world come together for one another and rally for one another when needed like here. The power of prayer alone has been mind blowing. To know I have access to a community of people who love, support, encourage, and cheer me on no matter where I am at in my personal journey, brings such a peace that I can not imagine where I would be without it. Living with the Angels is pure love at her core and that love radiates out through every member here. If you are looking for a spiritual home that you can come in the door, kick off your shoes, and prop your feet up in….look no further!”

Judy, resident Earth Angel of Fun, Laughter & Feng Shui from Wrentham, Massachusetts

“Our Angels Teach Living with the Angels community is a gift from God, orchestrated by the intuitive actions of our beloved earth angel Elvia Roe. I’ve never met most of the members, yet I feel totally supported and unconditionally loved. I’ve connected with so many different people of different cultures and backgrounds who have helped me learn new things, heal, and most importantly grow. She attracts people who have pure hearts – perfectly imperfect – who truly want to make the world a better place. It’s a blessing to be part of this community.”

The Living with the Angels™
Online Membership came forth in 2010.

It became apparent that people need a place to belong, explore their spiritual nature and celebrate the magic of the angels.

Even though we span the globe, we are together with a unified intention to stay connected to our angels…and help one another with that path.

What the Living with the Angels™ membership includes…

Exclusive access to our weekly Sunday Morning Grace recordings for that Sunday plug-in and power-up!

Weekly EFT (aka Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping) Live Healing Circle

Private Facebook group for sharing, prayer and readings

Daily angel email 365 days of the year with inspiration from one of our many talented and well “connected” community earth angels.

Access to ongoing events which have included Writing with the Angels, “Summer Camp” with Fairies & Angels, Journey with Tarot Cards, Healing Into Abundance through the Chakras, and much more!

These emails include regular columns on the topics of Human Design, Feng Shui, Self-empowerment, Prayer and other Magical Treasures.

Monthly Angel Reading Circle

Weekly Rotating Minister-On-Call for inspiration, prayer and support

What we believe…

Everyone deserves to love and be loved.

Our community is dedicated to seeing everyone

through the eyes of love.

As each person reaches for their soul’s potential with the angels by their side, they heal… the people around them heal…the world heals. We are committed to supporting the spiritual evolution of our members.

Everyone has the divine ability and right to communicate with their angels and to feel safe doing so. Safe and welcoming space is what we hold dear.

More love from some of our members…

“I love that this is a loving community that truly lives what it teaches. I love the varied topics and especially the Sunday email. It helps me with the week ahead and always the talks are of interest! I have learned a lot with the various programs given in the past. I really feel like I am a part of the Angel Community. Blessings to you…. you have carried me thru some rather tough times.”

Liz from Westport, Washington

“I love the daily emails, the Facebook group, the membership circles, the writing classes – that one might be my favorite!”

Christina from California

“Living with the Angels has given me a sense of purpose that I never thought I would find.”

Ronna from Hillsboro, Oregon

“I love the guidance it gives to the ones who are searching for it. Everyone needs guidance at some point in their life and this is a great place to get it.”

Amy from New Hampshire

“I love this community. I am not to be afraid to be me in the group and to be able to trust and have faith in the community. Builds my own self-belief and confidence.”

Michelle Airey, Epsom, UK

“The support amongst the members has helped in so many ways. This is a group of individuals that have compassion, no judgement and love. This is such a safe place to share and know that others are possibly going through similar situations. Living with the Angels has literally saved my life in more ways than one….

Immersion Training… The growth I received with my intuitive senses has been astounding!”

From Nanette from Nevada

“Our Living with the Angels Membership sends daily emails to every single person. These emails inspire us to become centered when we lose our temper or lose our way in life, give sensitive and caring compassion when we experience grief or mourning, help stabilize our emotions when we need to fight against the odds, and uplift us with positive thoughts and inspiration just to keep us in the realm of Joy and connected with Spirit. How does it get better than that, I ask you!!”

Rosemary Van Horn from Marlboro, NY

“I know this is a loving place where I can contact like heart/minded people and I can share my love for the Angels. This is a supportive community that has helped me through difficult times. I find here a loving alternative family and really good friends.”

Susana from Italy

“I love the message every day, the Sunday Morning Grace, the people who bring all of this together. I thank you; you are all so amazing.”

Maddie from Milford, Connecticut

“I love everything about Living with the Angels. The love, the kindness, the support and the community! To start every day, 1st thing I do is check my daily email and then go to the Facebook group. I have been a member since 2010 and I am so grateful for all this community offers. It has given me such a feeling of being loved and belonging. Thank you all for all that you do. We are so blessed!”

Rita Hatcher from Idaho

“I love the community support of like-minded, caring and supporting angels.”

Chris from Ypsilanti, Michigan

“I love the friendship, support, and wisdom.”

Anna-Jackie from England, UK

“The amount of love, support & inspiration I’ve received through Living with the Angels is amazing.”

Michelle from Massachusetts

“Being a participant in courses and readings with other Living with the Angels members has opened me up to learn more about myself than I would ever have expected. For Immersion… When I took this course I learned so much about me that I could not have learned otherwise. Participating in the phone calls and doing the activities broadened my knowledge about the spiritual world and me as a human being.”

Sandra from Thousand Oaks, CA

“I have absolutely loved feeling the welcome and inclusion into the most heart-centred group of supportive, loving, guiding and amazing lightworkers! Ever!

Even though it’s been my first ever totally online experience meeting everyone, I feel that I have met them in person…the connection I feel with those on my journey here feels 3D and so real. The only reminder I have at times that we are so far apart geographically is the time zone difference on calls – as I am usually lagging late at night when everyone in the US is sprightly and sparky daytime lol . This however has never been an issue as I adore connecting with everyone at Living with Angels.

The daily Angel guidance messages ..and human design reports make me feel that I am in the loop and connected daily with this fantastic community. The support available as each weekly minister on call offers a 24hr ear.. is just a beautiful touch of how caring this family of lightworkers are. To feel part of this authentic and real online community gives me the feeling of belonging and is the backbone of how and why I am here at this time to connect, guide and coach.”

Annette from Welwyn, UK

Join by Invitation

Our membership is open to new members by invitation only. Why invitation only?

Because intimacy and familiarity are essential to creating a nurturing space.

The most number of members we’ll allow is 300, possibly less. And we won’t accept more than 25 at a time to allow for a proper meet and greet. Connection and spiritual family are our #1 priority.

We want to know and connect with you!

That said, not everyone feels called to participate regularly. Some just read the daily emails from our beautiful Living with the Angels Messengers and need the ongoing reminder that like-minded people are there…that the angels are there. Some follow along on Facebook and surface when they need extra support. Others are regulars and you’ll see them around our little realm all the time.

The investment is $19.97/month or pay annually
to get one month free at $197/year.

“I say yes, please send me an invitation!”

Small Print:

Invitations are offered as space is available.

Payments renew automatically until you notify us by email at that you’d like to unsubscribe. You can do this at any time and we will suspend your next payment. It is not our policy to issue partial refunds mid-month or mid-year.

If you unsubscribe, the membership is full and you wish to rejoin, you’ll be asked to wait until space is available.

Small print isn’t always grand or glamorous, but it’s important.
Thank you for understanding ours! While we keep it free and loving, ground rules are essential for a healthy community.

If you are feeling the pull to join us, please do let us know you’d like an invitation. We’d love to connect with you!